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    Help! Need a game

    I'm looking for a great game to play, i've tried a few but i dindt like many of them.

    Games i played and liked:

    World of Warcraft ( Obviously )
    Starwars: The Force Unleashed II
    Transformers: War for Cybertron
    Need for Speed: Most wanted ( The only one i've really played )
    Kingdom Hearts series ( PS2 )

    Games i disliked:
    Tomb raider: Underworld
    FarCry I
    Oblivion ( Poor Graphics, Even though its a low game, it laggs on my PC. )

    Games i'm still Playing:
    The Last Remnant ( Controlls are a bit cluncky )
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    So it comes down to this i think:

    I like MMO's with Leveling System where you need to buy skill's as you level up.
    I like Fantasy games
    I like Racing games ( I'd like a opposite of a race game, where you actualy got to devistate Cars or something.. )

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    Burnout is fun
    Final Fantasy Series?

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    wait for Dragon Age 2 coming next week going to be awesome.

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    Bad Company 2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjaphatj View Post
    Burnout is fun
    Final Fantasy Series?
    Magicka looked fun from what i've seen of TB's WTF movie. I'll try it.
    Final Fantasy.. No thanks, Don't have my PS2 anymore :P ( Or any console for that matter )
    Burnout seems fun from what i've seen on the Trailers, thanks.

    Will also look into DA II and BC2

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    Starcraft 2 is really good game not sure if you are into that, but its a really fun game . amagine command and conquer only with allians :P

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    You could check out Fallout3 or Lord of the Rings Online which is now free 2 play.

    Go old school and play some final fantasy tactics!

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    Magicka as said above. Gather yourself and 3 friends, spend 36 euros and have a real blast.

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    Mass Effect 2
    The Witcher
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
    Dragon Age
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    I don't really get how Bloodlust fits Shamans...

    "I need to calm the elements, and through our sacred bond we will - wait, is that a fucking boss? I'M SO FUCKING ANGRY! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! NO, WAIT! I'M GOING TO RAPE HIM THEN KILL HIM! WITH SPOONS! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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    Also tryyyy


    It's cheap and fun.

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