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    Sorry but shadow priest mana regen is very akward. In most cases, all your mana regeneration spells will be limiting your DPS unless you are using it for a dps purpose which will then limit your mana regeneration.
    On fights where you can squeeze your execute ability in on adds during the whole fight (magmaw heroic), or fights with a lot of raid burst damage (Chimaeron) you are usually staying high on mana throughout the fight. On fights like Maloriak heroic you almost want to be full on mana when you enter the add phase (dark vial), and even during the add phase you want to spend an archangel/shadowfiend cooldown before you enter the execute phase where you will be able to pump up your mana bar again.
    I know mana becomes less of an issue with gear scaling which I have experienced myself, but if you want to maximize your damage with the abilities your class is designed around you'll often find you very low on mana. Some times you'll end up using sw:d on cooldown even though it only benefits your mana bar. Other times you'll find yourself using shadowfiend even though your internal cooldowns will be ready again in less than 15 seconds, and at last you are also going to hate yourself for having to use archangel before you refresh your dots, or 25 seconds before entering execute range. Second worst case scenario would still be having to cast dispersion, and clearly worst case scenario is having to cast hymn of hope to get enough mana to cast sw:d.

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    I never have mana trouble.. on the contrary, my mana is usually much better than any of the other casters in my raid group. I make the healers jealous. Utilize your cooldowns and you will be fine. That is what they are there for.
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    Hmm, I don't seem to run into mana problems. This is how I usually do a fight:

    1. Throw dots up and cast shadowfiend (for dps)
    2. Regular priority casting until 5 stacks of dark evangelism
    3. Cast archangel which brings my mana back up from casting the dots
    4. Continue regular priority while casting shadowfiend and archangel when they are off cd
    5. Mana starts to get a bit low, but now boss is < 25%
    6. Throw SW: D into priority.
    7. Boss dies before going oom

    If I notice a certain fight giving me mana problems with what I am currently doing, I just delay shadowfiend and use it more for getting mana back rather than just as a dps increase or cast SW: Death even if the boss is => 25% health. Then as a last resort I would throw dispersion in there (while trying to work it in to mitigate incoming damage).

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    TBH, I never have had mana issues. If a boss fight lasts less than 5 minutes, I'll save my fiend for later in the fight. Dispersion is always good to use when movement is needed in a fight, like dispersing when you jump platforms on Conclaves. Also....did you know that you regen mana whenever SW: D does not kill your target? Maybe you should work SW: D into your rotation more. The only fight that I can think of that SW: D is not an option is Chimaeron

    PS...if your DOT-ng up everything, and there are alot of mobs to dot, you can always switch from inner fire to inner will...thne back to inner fire when your not spam DOT-ing
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    SW: D on CD = no mana issues. 'Least from my experience.
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    What Mana issues?
    Besides a fights with multiple adds, I never oom.
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    cho'gall hc makes me go oom way too fast, if bad stuff like worship happens right when you want to use swd on dying adherents

    that's by far the only fight you will have mana problems, maybe council hc, if you don't have to run with orbs or lightning rod and have full time to dps. sometimes al'akir hc will make me go oom at the end of phase 2, when you cant really swd stormlings due to high stacks of acid rain.

    that makes 3 fights out of 13 with only cho'gall being a real mana sucker
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naxcis View Post
    Anyone who plays a spriest in pve or pvp will know how quick your mana goes down and what a pain it is to regen so i was thinking that Mind Flay could act like the steady shot for priests in the way that it regens your mana when your casting/channeling just like steady shot regens focus for hunters.

    As someone who plays a holy paly in rated BG's and has seen first hand Spriests mana burning me and other healers. I got to say your silly mana issue brings a smile to my face. I hope they put the thumb screws to you guys more.

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    shadow priests have infinit mana i dont know what ur smoking but even in fights where i dont use shadow word death using archangel every cooldown was enough for me to have mana for a full raid boss fight

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    I don't have mana issues even when I dont sw death, don't use fiend off the bat use it after your first or second set of dots if your having mana problems. Don't fiend or AA at the same time unless your way down on mana. It's better to rotate them.

    In regards to heroic chim and heroic halfus I've killed both and sw death in both just got to be smart about it. I sw death for mana in chim cause I help heal during feud. Just watch incoming timers on massacre and spit. Your ve and dp will have u well over 10k.

    Halfus i more dangerous but I just sw death once get healed and then sw death again. Dps increase. I like mana regen of sp because when done right its not an issue, however it must be maintained and isn't some limitless pool.

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