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    Have you seen Star Wars before? Thats how lasers in Star Wars are..

    And the animations are the best so far seen in a MMO. They aren't perfect and can be improved, but compared to other MMOs, its much better. Look at the flamethrower and how great it looks and sounds.
    You are kidding right? Just because there are more animations does not make them better. The animations look very stale and non interactive except deflecting ofcourse. The general combat animations look identical to the single player version which is 8 years old.

    When I think of the starwars image I feel like the animations are key in making the game feel right. Fluid, quick adaptive animations (enemies too) that set the theme of a fast paced SIFI battle.

    From what I have seen, I am not impressed (100% UNFORTUNATELY)

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    Zoeii: I'm not gonna go point for point with you, cause we're getting out to left field. There was plenty of bashing in this thread, as with all threads about any game. That's fine. W/e. But to give opinions about something, but have no comments to add as to what or why, aor compared to what is pretty close to bashing. "I think that looks like shit when he runs" Is an opinon, but it's also pretty much another way of bashing. "I think when he's running and pulls his gun, he doesn't look fluid. ou ask what I think is better, well here is a video from this game that shows what I am talking about". Which one of those is a real opinion that can get some talk going, and which one is a close ended opinon that is more of a bash? That's what I'm getting at. And that's why I used the Tera example. Because that was the one brought up in this thread. Solar and Mania were the only people that had any contructive feedback and showed what they talking about. Everyone else just said, "cause I said so".

    Opinions are fine if it's stated as "for my own taste", "It's just not my thing" "Here's an example of what I like" etc.

    (All exapmles are from this forum)
    Opinions are not really good when stated as "That sucks", "Yep the animations have been bad from day 1 on it looks like they haven't really changed anything about it. I doubt they will at this point. It looks completely ridiculous how the characters move and fight... 1. How he Jedi draws his lightsaber. 2. How he runs and shoots his pistol with one hand. 3. How he sprays his liquid freezing thingy on the Jedi. All of this looks like it's from some funny cartoon instead of serious combat", "All in all it still looks like a generic MMORPG, only with small cutscenes that'll annoy you after the 23rd time you go through them.", "What the people going about with the animations is, they are not fluid in a dynamic sense.", "They all seem to try to be really exciting while they look soo boring. This guy would just shoot a rocket and 1 shot everything", "When it just looks like "World of warcraft in space with cutscenes" I'd rather have it look pretty.", "If people get bored of World of warcraft quests, they will get bored of these ones much quickly when the glow of leveling wears off and people want to get stuck in to endgame with their alt.", "Just watched the video, and... yeah, the animations are pretty hilariously bad. The bounty hunter running with his pistol up in one hand and his other arm slumped down behind him like his shoulder is dislocated was just shameful, and the flamethrower that people keep going on about looked like the one from Shadows of the Empire for N64, with a load more bloom. Then again, I'm probably biased because IN MY OPINION (in other words keep your fanboy nerd rage to yourself. I'm not interested in seeing some putz whine about how wrong I am for the 500th time) both of Bioware's other Star Wars games (the KOTORs) were horribad and overrated. I foresee another Age of Conan/Warhammer/Aion incoming, i.e. a "wowkiller" that fails to make numbers because it can't compete with Blizzard.", "lol? you need new glasses, for sure.", "He's right though, if you think jerking arms, erratic stanced runs and the lack of more subtle movements as great animation, I'd say you do need glasses.", The problem with TOR to me has always been the "Star Wars" part. I find the entire universe clunky, emotionless, and uninteresting. The prequel films soured me on the entire universe, and setting it in the distant past can't cover that up.".

    how do those help at all? They don't. I put 5 different videos up on page 6. Most showing things that people were complaining about in this thread. Were they watched, probably not. But people will still say, The animations suck.

    As Solar said:
    This thread has too much "own opinions" going on and too few "realistic imputs"

    So far Ive only seen myself, trollbane and Hevecius being objective ( sorry to you guys that i havent mentioned, theres plenty of heads screwed on straight on this thread, forgive me )

    I'd appreciate it if everyone could just stick with clearly stating something is their opinion, as I and Trollsbane have, because it's quite vexing to see other people implying they speak for me.

    And for those of you just comming in this thread and asking me or other people questions, I suggest you start at the start and not randomly drop in the middle of a heated conversation without getting up to speed, do your research and contribute in a fun way.
    If you think things are bad, back it up with a little more than "i'm not impressed". That's all I was asking.

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    And solar can't give me any examples at all, yet another fail argument right there! YAY! Also Terra is a bad excuse, let's wait until it hits the US/EU servers ok? Because it's largerly remade for us.

    TBH, the animations look fine. The last few years enough games have been ruined by graphic horny kiddies that think you can sacrifice perfectly good gameplay with awesome graphics (Farcry, CoD, Crysis, Killzone), and yet the games with lesser graphics are just better most of the times.

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    Oh one more thing, in regards to the BH running with one gun and his other hand beside him in a "wierd angle", go where you have space and try running and concentrating on where your finger "gun" is pointed. Notice where your arm is? I had people from work try this so I could watch and not be biased. Looks the same as in that video.

    Just saying. =p

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    They could make him hold a flashlight under his gun..I mean blaster, like a trained police officer. Also make troopers move like navy seals/delta force. And give me Call of Duty commands. MOVE IN! THROWING FRAG! CHANGING MAG!

    Sorry, too much CoD4.

    At least the Imperial Agent has "Call Airstrike"...I mean Orbital Bombardment. Now all they need is a Call Helicopter and UAV skills.

    And I wanna be a Spetznaz Trooper. Get on it BioWare!!!

    And if they don't have an MP5 with a silencer, an RPD with a grip for better accuracy, a Barret 0.50 Cal Sniper Rifle, and a Martyrdom Perk to piss people off I am not buying this game. 'Cause it will suck if doesn't have those.

    Also make a golden AK-47, Desert Eagle and Shotgun available so I can look like a gypsy with those. Oooh, shiny. Who cares about RP or sticking to the Star Wars franchise anyway? RPG 12 o'clock, concentrate fire!

    Ban campers.

    Also no Juggernaut noobs! I hate those, takes a whole fucking magazine to kill them. And for some reason they fire back at me. The gall!
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