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    [Movie] Sherlock Holme vs. Memories of Murder

    So there I was listening to 2 people talking about Sherlock Holmes (2009) and how excited they are for Sherlock Holmes 2 (Due sometime this year). Something in my brain started ticking and reminiscing about Memories of Murder (2003) which brings me to my main point of creating this thread.*

    Is it fair to compare Sherlock Holmes and Memories of Murder as movies with a similar base plot of investigating crime and action.

    What do you think and which do you prefer?

    p.s. I'm hoping for some replies but I do realise that not many people will have seen Memories of Murder (if you haven't I suggest you do).

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    Haven't seen Memories of Murder (yet) but if it is anything similiar to Sherlock Holmes, I will be sure to check it out =)
    As for Sherlock Holmes 2, I thought it was being released in 2012 :S?
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    I'm not sure when Sherlock Holmes 2 is being released but Memories of Murder is not similar to Sherlock Holmes, it does focus on investigating crime and how they go about it. It is based on the first acknowledged serial murders in North Korea (which is not that long ago) and follows a small team of policemen attempting to find out who the murderer is. It is in Korean with subtitles so it might not be your cup of tea but for now it has blown my mind and I find myself finding 'Hollywood/Mainstream' (however you want to label it) lacklustre.

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