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    Thumbs up Your List of Other Games

    I'm just curious about what you guys play.
    Care to share your taste? :)
    Here is my installed games:
    (the order means nothing) ;it's just a copy from desktop;
    I will avoid to tell my prefs because I can't do it without a wall of text :)

    <3 = not even thinking to give up
    @ = playing it
    + = fav
    - = least fav
    KO = finished
    X.X = not playing anymore

    <3 World of Warcraft
    <3 Starcraft II
    @ Test Drive Unlimited 2
    @ Two Worlds II
    @ Just Cause 2
    @ Who's That Flying
    @ Cities In Motion
    @ Call of Duty Black Ops
    + The Elder Scrolls:Morrowind
    + The Elder Scrolls:Oblivion
    KO Call of Duty MW 2
    KO Call of Duty 4
    KO Grand Theft Auto 4
    @ Mafia II
    KO Mirror's Edge
    X.X Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    KO Overlord II
    KO Assassins Creed
    KO Assassins Creed II
    @ Magicka
    @ Counter Strike 1.6
    @ Counter Strike Source
    @ Half Life 2
    @ Lost Planet 2
    KO Majesty 2
    @ Atomic Bomberman
    <3 Worms Armageddon
    KO Ballance
    KO Borderlands
    KO Burnout Paradise
    KO Crysis
    KO Crysis Warhead
    X.X Dark Void
    X.X Devil May Cry 4
    X.X Far Cry 2
    @ Fall Out 3
    X.X Heroes of Might and Magic:Tribes of the East
    X.X Luxor
    X.X Luxor 3
    KO Mass Effect 2
    X.X The Undergarden
    X.X Time Shift
    KO Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    KO Medal of Honor Airborne
    @ Monopoly
    KO NFS:Carbon
    KO NFS:UG2
    KO NFS:5(porshe)
    KO NFS:Speed Shift
    X.X Prepelix
    KO Portal
    KO Zuma
    KO Zuma Deluxe
    KO Prince of Persia
    KO Prince of Persia:WW
    KO Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    KO Prototype
    @ Quake 3
    KO Rise of the Argonauts
    KO Spore
    KO Street Fighter IV
    X.X Sims 3
    @ Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    @ Warcraft 3 + TFT
    KO @ Left 4 Dead
    @ Avatar
    X.X Treasure Island
    @ Hellgate London
    @ Gran Turismo 5
    KO Moto GP 2
    @ Texas Hold'Em Poker
    @ Governor of Poker 2
    *And around 30 BigFish Games :)

    All games are on PC..used to play some God of War, Tekken 3+5, Gears of War on ps3..not anymore..
    Please avoid flaming about the fact that you don't believe me that I have these games,
    how did I got them...etc.. etc..avoid flaming..please!
    Im just curious about what other people play :)
    Say you platform...in what mood you play what and possibly if not too much asking, with who..ex: mom, dad, brother, sister, friend.girlfriend etc etc

    I play alone all the single player games, I play online the "online" featured games, and I play Worms with my girlfriend :) <3 ( I ALWAYS get pwnd :(
    Peace out and be cool :)

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    Installed right now except WoW, too lazy to rate but played all of them in January-February, some more, some less:

    Neverwinter Nights
    Neverwinter Nights 2
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Mass Effect 2
    WH40k Dawn of War 2
    Dragon Age2 Demo
    Baldur's Gate
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Heroes of Might&Magic 3
    Heroes of Might&Magic 4
    Titan Quest
    Warhammer online (no subscription right now, maybe renew in a week or two).
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    I'm planning to test out NeverWinter Nights + Baldur's Gate, how are they ?..
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    Very good if you like nice story, bad for playing a melee character (lack of buttons to push).
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    Off the top of my head I will list some games of the past 5 years or so (some a bit further back) that i absolutely love:

    Half Life 2
    Bioshock 1 & 2
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    CoD 4 MW2
    Dragon Age: Origins
    Mass Effect 2
    Fallout 3

    I love all these games for different reasons, but I think all of them push the limits and/or break new ground in some ways. I think of all of those listed I hold the most love for the BioShocks. The atmosphere they created in those games is so incredible due to an amazingly sharp art and sound direction, and it features incredibly fun gameplay.

    Favorite game of all time would have to be the arcade version of NBA Jam though.
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    Prince of Persia ain't much of button push, just mouse+jump smash..and still cool story
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    <3 Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    @ Street Fighter Alpha 3 (final burn FTW XD)
    + Bioshock
    + Borderlands
    + Fallout 3
    - Darksiders
    - Devil May Cry 4
    - Team Fortress 2
    - Left 4 Dead 2
    KO Resident Evil 5
    X.X Left 4 Dead "1"

    I think that's it.
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    Well, I have way too many games to list, so I'll just link my gamespot page. Click the link for games then on the left side about half way down or so, then click the collections tab, and there ya go.
    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

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    Half Life 2
    Half Life 2 Episode 2
    Team Fortress 2
    X-Com: UFO Defense
    X-Com 2: Terror Under the Seas(I may be wrong on the actual title)
    Mass Effect
    Diablo II
    Lords of the Rings Online
    Dungeons & Dragons Online
    Doom 3
    Dungeon Siege
    Dungeon Siege II
    Supreme Commander
    Guild Wars
    Fallout 3
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    Installed Games. The ones I play the most are at the top, the ones towards the bottom Ive beaten but like too much to uninstall:

    Crysis 2 Demo
    Civ V
    Bioshock 2
    Arkham Asylum
    Plants vs Zombies

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    Baldur's Gate 2/ToB
    Planescape:Torment (best single-player RPG ever)
    Total Annihilation
    Stronghold series

    Prolly forgetting one or 2, coffee isn't working yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkxidE View Post

    @ Hellgate London
    Your still playing Hellgate? private server or that Korean reboot? That was a fun game, had potential.

    On my computer atm:

    DC Universe Online
    Global Agenda
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (havent played in a while)
    Borderlands (not in a longer while)

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    <3 = not even thinking to give up
    @ = playing it
    + = fav
    - = least fav
    KO = finished
    X.X = not playing anymore

    <3 WoW
    + Starcraft II
    <3 Minecraft
    + CoD: Black Ops
    @ Diablo II
    Looking forward to Diablo III

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    I have to many games to name so I'm just gonna name the ones I've been playing lately.

    Fallout 3
    Fable 2
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    Dragon Age
    Modnation Racers
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Red Dead Redemption
    Pokemon Platinum
    The Sims 3
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    Just what I can think of off top my head at 6:15am

    <3- Chrono Trigger
    <3- Grandia II
    <3- Halo
    <3- Kingdom hearts I & II
    <3- Dragon Age origins
    <3- Super mario RPG: The legend of the seven stars
    + - Grandia
    + - Megaman1 to to X-3
    + - Halo ( all but original)
    + - Vanguard Bandits
    + - Almost every Zelda game
    + - Final fantasy tactics
    + - Dynasty Warriors (any of em)
    + - Gothic series
    @- NHL 2010
    @- Team Fortress II
    @- Fire Emblem
    @- Counter strike: source
    KO- Ring of Red
    KO- Kohan II
    KO - Half life I & II
    X.X- WoW
    X.X- StarCraft 1 & 2
    X.X- Age of Empires (all of em)
    X.X- D2 (I pick up again yearly)
    X.X- Mechwarrior games
    X.X- rockband
    X.X- Shogun total war
    X.X- Medieval II total war
    - CoD series
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    Total War games (Medieval 2, Empire)
    Hundreds of hours I dumped into these two.

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    Thinking about buying Rift, it is good?

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