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    Shadow Priest specific website.

    Does anyone know of any Shadow Priest specific websites other then EJ that give BiS gear and other Info. The peps on EJ have been kinda slacking on the shadow priest thread.

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    Considering Shadowpriest's relative uptime, I can thoroughly recommend HowToPriest.com
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    The sticky threads for shadow priests at the top of this very page are quite good to start with.

    Shadowpriest.com has what you need. The problem is that is also has a lot of stuff that you don't and isn't always up.

    HowToPriest.com has the same stuff without years of posts that you have to sort through to figure out whether or not it's applicable to your situation.

    And the latter seems to stay up and has admins/moderators involved with it that are knowledgeable and care about the site.

    There are other threads behind the front pages here about shadowpriest.com and its decline if you're curious.

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