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    Dragon Age: Origins hours upon hours of gametime in that game, and Dragon age 2 is out in a week. Batman Asylum is simply an awsome game, but there is only about 20 hours of gametime in it if you go for everything. In the FPS genre there is always COD, The Witcher is also a good RPG game and since the The Witcher 2 is due soon, the first game is not that exspensive.
    I'm gonna disagree with Dragon Age: Origins.
    I played 2's Demo, and then promptly Pre-ordered it because of how awesome it is. Then I rented Origins, and I just can't bring myself to play it. The combat is so horrible by comparison. (Then again, this is coming from playing both on Xbox 360, idk if its more fun on PC)

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    If you like fannying about building stuff Minecraft is a laugh, I was skeptical until I tried it. No story or anything to speak of at present, just a big sandbox of fun

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    Good suggestions all, thanks. I just tried the DA2 demo and am not a fan. The gameplay is like The Witcher...while the Witcher gameplay was good for that game, I don't see it catching my interest for DA2.

    Anyone play the game Amnesia? I know it's a little dated, but looking at the trailer seems to have peaked my interest.
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    Any Final Fantasy titles. Besides their MMO's, which suck.

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