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    Everything, but Nefarian is two healable on normal mode. At beginning gear levels, three healers would be recommended. It's only when you have content on farm and much better gear to two heal. Except maybe Cho'gall, some guilds prefer to two heal that fight to get past phase 1 faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memoryz View Post
    Everything, but Nefarian is two healable on normal mode. At beginning gear levels, three healers would be recommended. It's only when you have content on farm and much better gear to two heal. Except maybe Cho'gall, some guilds prefer to two heal that fight to get past phase 1 faster.
    Not even past phase 1. Drawing out Phase 1 a little longer isn't a problem so long as your melee isn't standing in poop.

    It's having the DPS to burn through phase 2 before he crushes everyone, which if you held your mana right, shouldn't be a problem to two-heal.
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    we 2 heal omnitron, magmaow, maloriak, and 3 on rest of the fights on chogall we however just use 1 tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by hikamiro View Post
    Edit: Has anyone tried 2 healing Chimaeron WITHOUT atleast 1 paladin healer? If possible i'd imagine it being very very hard.
    Ive 2 healed Chimaeron with me as Holy priest on the raid and a Resto druid on the tanks.
    In our guild we've tried both things, had a night where we went 2 healers only, it went fine, but in general its safer to run with 3 aslong as the dps isnt an issue.

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    We three-heal almost everything. We have a holy pally/holy and disc priest/resto druid healing team. Our druid goes boomkin for fights where we need more add control/only two healers. We are currently 2/13 Heroic.

    We do not have issues with the adds on Cho'gall; we simply tell our DPS to get it together. :P lol

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    My guild has two-healed Argoloth, Halfus, V&T, Magmaw (we are casual and these are the only bosses we kill currently)

    w/ me (Disc) and either a Shaman or another Priest (holy) as the 2nd healer... 2nd healer is the same guy who plays two different toons.

    Sometimes we 3-heal w/ a Paladin, but I don't like it as our DPS is kind of lackluster and i'm bored w/ a 3rd healer so I just snipe everything w/ shield.

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    We have 3 healers in our pool who are present most of the time and do not intend on dpsing anytime soon, so it's usually 3 healers.
    If one of our healers is missing and we're down on two, we simply two-heal most bosses and our Ele goes Restore for the others. Two-healing most bosses wasn't really difficult for us, but three-healing is still safer and we're far from having dps-issues so there's no use in cutting down to two; however three-healing tends to be a bit boring...escpecially on the bosses we know by heart like Magmaw, Maloriak or Omnitron.

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    We run with 3 healers in our 10-man for all new content/heroic modes. After awhile though, like everything, you become more comfortable and the kills become cleaner. We can now 2 heal plenty of regular fights.
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    We use three healers on all encounters (we might only use two on maloriak since it's quite easy to heal and needs a lot of DPS in the end. Same with ascendant council.) since it feels safe and dps is generally not an issue. I would say that as long as your raid hasn't perfected the art of avoiding all avoidable damage, two healers won't be able to keep up on most encounters unless they have extremely good gear. Looking at world of logs, most clears have a HPS of at least 26k, which is very hard for two healers to put out in entrylevel gear.


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    My guild goes by fight, if one fight requires more dps, and less heals, 2 healers, and the other way around.

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    we've been runnig with 3 for a while but we've reduced it to 2 on farm bosses aside from maybe valiona and chimearon

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    3 healers at this moment, except of course for BH.

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    We always go with three, since the first kills. Not that it's needed anymore (at least in some encounters), but we have decent dps to burn the boss down in time, so it's just easier. Despite the fact, that covering 3 armor types within heals doesn't stack maelstrom crystals in the guild vault so much.

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    my guild is going to start doing it with 2 healers since all of our healers are pushing 12k hps stable and burst healing up in the 20k hps. Half the fight our healers stay below 9k due to it not being any needs for heals. Not that we have any problems with dps on cho'gall but it's better to have 1 more dps = 14-20k dps increase rather than having your healers overheal themselves. so yes, if you're having problems with damage on adds or cho'gall switch one of your healers to dps. the only thing "hard" about having 2 healers is in the last phase where damage can get a bit high. However if noone stacks corruption before last phase and your raid has some cooldowns and people use some selfheals aswell there's no problem at all taking 2 tanks, 2 heals 6dps. Just remember to avoid everything and in last phase make your dps team use defencive cooldowns and selfheals.
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    For progress we used 3 healers for everything bar Maloriak, but we recently 2 healed BoT with a Resto Shaman and a Holy Priest and I suspect BWD, with the exception of Nef and Chim, would be easily 2 healed as well.

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    I'm seeing a majority answering 3 heals here, which makes me feel better (since our guild is doing 3 heals - I thought our heals were just bad :P).

    We are 5/12 right now (Mag, Omno, Mal (once), Halfus, V-T). We typically run Druid, Shammy, Holy Priest (me). I am typically one of the tank heals, with the Shammy being the second tank heals and Druid on raid. My question is this: Is a holy priest "wasted" on tank heals? I really struggle to get my HPS up when I am working that assignment. I read posts where people are talking about 12HPS and look at my logs and see my max at just under 10k (350 ilvl). I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong.

    Should I switch to Disc for being tank heals? (my current O-Spec is shadow, but I never go DPS, except in the extremley rare 5-man where we are getting someone else healing experience). I've been Holy my entire raiding life (since just before BC came out), with a couple trys at Disc, etc, but managing those cooldowns is a lot different to me, so I struggle some, but nothing practice couldn't improve. And being holy makes me want to try and top up the raid with my PoH, PoM, CoH, etc, and I wonder if I'm blowing GCDs like that (yes, the tank dies sometimes, so I'm 100% positive I need to look less at the raid frames in total), but with holy being so good at raid heals it's tough for me.

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    We use 3 healers on every encounter except Cho'gall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hikamiro View Post
    2 on Magmaw, Omnomnomnitron, maloriak, atramedes, Valiona/theralion, cho'gall

    (Two is probably do-able on Halfus and council too, wouldn't know though havent tried halfus on normal in a while, and council never really came to mind)

    Edit: Has anyone tried 2 healing Chimaeron WITHOUT atleast 1 paladin healer? If possible i'd imagine it being very very hard.
    We've done Chimaeron (10 normal) without a paladin. Druid on the tanks and 2 holy priests.. one on each group. It is easy on mana (~356 geared group) and is pretty stable.

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    With the exception of two-healing Cho'gall (disc, holy pally), we usually use three healers. We could probably get away two-healing a lot of the content we have on farm, but what's the point? DPS is adequate and the extra healer is nice in case of healer D/C or death. Looking ahead to hardmodes, it's nice to have three geared players who are wired to heal as their mainspec.

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    The only tricky Normals to two heal would be Council(which is doable) and Nef(This is the one that would cause headaches unless you had two really solid healers...and then I don't even know.), other than that is very doable so long as your healers know what they're doing.

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