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    I play whatever fits my character or whatever would be cool to play. Sometimes this includes human characters.
    My girlfriend on the other hand, she never plays human character if she has the choice. She claims she finds it easier to suspend her disbelief when playing a non-human character.
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    I always play human unless its Elder scrolls, then I pick Bosmer, the forest/wood elves or Nord which are human-like people. Regular humans in Elder Scrolls are pretty ugly.

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    Near every time. In Dragon Age I picked Human. Elder Scrolls I usually go Argonian I have done at least one play through (across their various titles) as Imperial, Wood Elf, and Red Guard though.

    In most other games I play a Dwarf. Generally I don't like to play Elf's - the only ones I liked in all of the games I've played are the Wood Elf's in Elder Scrolls, because of how small and nimble they are lined right up with my tendency to play a sneaky-character.

    If there is an inherently 'evil' race I pick that nine times out of ten.
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    Unless human has a class no other race has, typically Paladin, and I cannot avoid being human to be that class, I always go other races.
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    i always play humans, in every single game they have the best and most complex storyline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinoru View Post
    I usually don't pick humans, but I would gladly pick a human before I ever played a dwarf, gnome, halfling, etc.

    I don't like little people.
    heh, those are what I usually play, I go straight for the dwarf.

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    For me, the smaller the race, the more likely I am to pick it.
    Mainly because I'm short irl

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    I often choose humans because their traits or abilities are usually more suited to what I'm trying to do. Like in WoW, humans are a great race because of EMFH and the 10% passive diplomacy and 3% spirit are also very nice.

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    If there's an animal-person (or, consolation prize, monstrous humanoid), then I'm there, guaranteed. Anything interesting that doesn't look like the typical shaved primate I'm stuck as and surrounded by IRL.

    If the only non-"human" races are just stretched or squished humans (elves, dwarves, gnomes, hobbits ... sigh ... etc) then it's much more of a toss-up since they all feel like the exact same thing, and I'll just pick whatever looks better or has a better playfeel.

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    Always human...and for all of you saying, "I'm already human lulz"

    Yeah, you are...when's the last time you killed a dragon? Never? Oh, okay. Last time you shot fire out of your hands? Really, not once? Did anything interesting at all? I see.
    Uh, well that's obvious from what you get on the tin for joining a fantasy environment.

    But I get to shoot fire out of my hands AS A WEREWOLF!!! (or a giant cow person, depending on the day)

    And that's way better, as far as I'm concerned — two things I can't do IRL! Why settle for one?
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    I very rarely play humans. Especially when the human models look as bad as the ones in wow do.

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    I always play Dwarves or other midget races. I just don't feel comfortable playing something that would be taller than me IRL.

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    Most of the time, that being 85%. I enjoy playing a different race, but there's nothing wrong with playing a human! Except in WoW kidding, of course! They sure could get new graphics, though!

    edit: I enjoy playing shorter races. I remember when I started I played a gnome and I thought it went so fast. Then I rolled a tauren and it felt pretty slow

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    if the choices of the non-humans suck then that's what i choose. thank God the horde are all awesome.

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    Anything tall, usually elves, and i know they aren't tall but, Dwarfs

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