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    "I'm clean and sober and ready to work"

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    u ma xoxo L O V E

    That´s all that needs to be said!

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    It's time for me to hit the road. My business here is finished. But before I do, I want you to have something.

    It's outside. Turbo Interceptor. The only one in existence. Does very special things. Take care of it, will you?

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    Can't is the cancer of happen.

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    Drink chocolate milk!

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    I'm fine sometimes I overshoot the mark - however I woke up it was Christmas - literally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luuth View Post
    I think the easiest way to make people happy would be to nerf the target dummy.

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    I can't wait for blizzard to add something in game relating to charlie sheen. Either an NPC, and achievement, something. Any ideas?

    I think something like: A bar in SW with a Human, drunk, with 2 Night Elves hanging off him, next to another human and a gnome who are complaining about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carebearkezz View Post
    God damn.

    Dubstep = Awesome.
    Charlie = Awesome.

    That shit combined just blew my mind.
    Like the pills in your hands, I'll never let you down and like the bugs in your bed under my skin now, devouring, all that's left of me.

    Send us back to Hell, we've had our fill of Heaven. Give us back our sins, deadly 1 through 7. Keep us from their hearts, saving us like ashes. Grind us down to dust, never trust in anything we're told.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andelormon View Post
    I was banging 7 gram rocks, and finishing them. Cause thats how I roll.
    well there you go
    I'm not online, it's just your imagination

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    Next job for Charlie Sheen... working for Blizzard making up winning names! i mean who will ever beat "High Priest Ninja Warlock"?

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    I like when he calls the producers of his show "juvenile".

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    If Charlie Sheen was an organ, he'd be Charlie Spleen

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    Embrace it and love it violently.

    Also, I have so much respect for that interviewer for being able to keep a straight face during that interview.
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    "I only have one speed, GO."

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    Is it me or does Charlie Sheen resemble a much more coked out version of Ricky Bobby? WINNING!

    Thanks to Scythen for the sig

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    posted this in another fred already but...
    well... sorry mods

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