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    The legendarys of pokemon Black and White

    Does anyone know if you will be able to catch white's legendary if you own black and vice versa?
    Also white seems to have an exclusive forest...and I can't find something exclusively similar in blacks version. It seems to me that white is going to be a better buy...or am I just on crack?

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    So it turns out black has an exclusive city! Sill the legendary thing seems to be puzzling

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    I do like how the games are different in more than just the avaliable pokemon and the box cover this time

    I would prefer a city but the legendary on the box of pokemon black looks awful! Curses!

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    This probably will tell you everything you want to know


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    I think you can catch both.. Not sure though. The legendary on the box may be the easier one to catch. I'm not too excited for any of them really. The last legendary that I remember liking was Groudon, though not as much as the earlier ones.

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    If it's like the other ones you probably only can catch the box one. And Black has some futuristic city in it. If you wait for the third game it will probably allow you to catch both plus a new legendary. That's what I'm doing. Of course I still have Platinum and HeartGold to finish to keep me occupied.
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    How long does it take to release the 3rd game? It's probably going to be pokemon grey or something silly lol.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can only catch the one that is on your box cover, the same as R/S, and D/P.

    As for the legendaries, they are both pretty much the same, both dragon, one is fire the other is electric, one has better atk while the other has better sp atk. Their moves pretty much mirror each other they are just changed around for the element. Both have 3 different types that are super effective against them.

    I don't use legendaries though so I just keep them for looks.

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