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    List of soloable raid bosses (at 85)

    After seeing from time to time new topics asking if this or that boss is soloable I have decided to create a competent (I hope) and easy to use list of bosses which are or are not possible to be soloed by warriors. In addition provide useful tips or even strategies for harder bosses.
    At the beginning the quality of the list won't be awsome because based on my personal experience and unconfirmed information. However I hope that with your input it will become better and better.

    About specs, talents and gear:
    Fury and Arms should both be good enough with Fury better thanks to hefty amount of healing Bloodthirst gives. Protection might be needed for some encounters. Blood Craze talent is good idea .

    About difficulty:
    Each boss will be classified whether as EASY, MEDIUM EASY, MEDIUM, MEDIUM HARD, HARD or IMPOSSIBLE. If you find some boss to be harder or easier please say why etc.

    THE LIST: (state for 4.1)
    Level 60 Raids:
    1. MOLTEN CORE: Fully soloable
    • Lucifron: EASY. Kill the boss then adds.
    • Magmadar: EASY. Trash can be skipped but watch out for fear.
    • Gehennas: EASY. Kill the boss then adds.
    • Garr: EASY. Kill patrolling dogs. Rest of the trash don't aggro on pull. Boss->adds.
    • Shazzrah: EASY. pewpew
    • Baron Geddon: EASY. Use Intercept/Heroic Leap to avoid fall damage.
    • Golemagg the Incinerator: EASY. Kill boss, adds will die after.
    • Sulfuron Harbinger: EASY. Kill adds interrupting their heals. Then boss.
    • Majordomo Executus: EASY. Kill adds. Order doesn't matter.
    • Ragnaros: EASY. Use Intercept/Heroic Leap to avoid fall damage.

    2. BLACKWING LAIR: First boss not soloable, rest to be determined.
    • Razorgore the Untamed: IMPOSSIBLE to solo due to the fight mechanics. Can be two manned.
      --------Boss above needs to be killed to proceed--------
    • Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: --. Doable. High DPS required to kill it before it kills you.
    • Broodlord Lashlayer: EASY.
    • Firemaw: --. Supposed to be doable.
    • Ebonroc: --. Supposed to be doable.
    • Flamegor: --. Supposed to be doable.
    • Chromaggus: MEDIUM because of the random factor. You turn into a mind-controlled dragonkin when you get one of each debuff. Remove bronze debuff with Hourglass Sand dropping from trash.
    • Nefarian: --.

    3. Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Fully soloable.
    • Kurinnaxx: EASY. Kill trash in the area or it will aggro and can make things problematic. Avoid sand under your feet giving -HIT debuff.
    • General Rajaxx: EASY. Waves of mobs. General will use Thundercrash dealing 50% of your health.(Not sure if max or current). Regeneration after 1st, kill before 3rd.
    • Moam: EASY.
    • Buru the Gorger: EASY.
    • Ayamiss the Hunter: EASY.. Boss can't be meleed until 70% but Shattering Throw, Heroic Throw and ranged weapon are enough. If you need to remove the DoT go out of it's range (toward Ossirian's stairs) and wait for it to wear off.
    • Ossirian the Unscarred: EASY.

    4. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj: 6/9 Soloable, 3 Impossible
    • The Prophet Skeram: EASY.
    • Bug Trio (optional): EASY. Position yourself in one of the pits to avoid knockbacks use Intercept/Heroic Leap whenever you can. Kill Princess Yauj first. Keep Berserker Rage ready to break fear. Killing Lord Kri last gives additional item(s).
    • Battleguard Sartura: EASY. Trash before boss uses knocbacks. Be careful not to pull packs that can be avoided. Boss pewpew.
    • Fankriss the Unyielding: MEDIUM EASY. Stacking to 80% -healing debuff makes BT and Engraged Regeneration almost useless. Plus you're sometimes teleported and stunned with some adds on you. You can be chain teleported and stunned without time to kill adds which can overwhelm you.
    • Viscidus (optional): IMPOSSIBLE(not 100% confirmed). Boss requires frost based attacks to be frozen and then a number of melee attacks have to be done in short ammount of time. Frost Oil or Deathfrost can help freeze but warriors can't (confirmation needed) shatter the boss.
    • Princess Huhuran: EASY.
    • Twin Emperors: IMPOSSIBLE. If Twins are close to each other they heal for +30k per second and they will both run to you.
      --------Boss above needs to be killed to proceed--------
    • Ouro: EASY.
    • C'Thun: IMPOSSIBLE due to the fight mechanics. Boss kills you and despawns after swallowing you because there's no one "above".
    Level 70 Raids:
    1. Karazhan: Fully soloable.
    • Attumen the Huntsman: EASY. Kill trash or it will aggro with boss and you will die.
    • Moroes: EASY. Trash can be skipped.
    • Maiden of Virtue: EASY.
    • Opera Event: EASY.
    • The Curator: EASY.. Trash in the room will aggro with boss (huge aggro range) and can make things problematic.
    • Terestian Illhoof: EASY. Killing his Imp will give boss debuff increasing received damage, but you can just dps boss.
    • Shade of Aran: EASY.
    • Netherspite: MEDIUM EASY. Three tactics: 1. Pull the boss when he's in the back of the room and you can block all three beams.
      2. Block only Green Beam.
      3. Aggro boss and leave the room before doors close (hard part). Pull the boss a bit into the tunnel, rotate him positioning yourself between boss and doors. That way you will be blocking the only beam. Two others will be blocked by walls.
    • Chess Event: MEDIUM. You can't die here, but difficulty comes from the fact there's no 100% perfect strategy. Enemy pieces move randomly and sometimes you simply can't do anything to win alone. Anyway try to use your mage first to damage enemy King from the distance.
    • Prince Malchezaar: EASY.
    • Nightbane: EASY. To be able to click the Blackened Urn standing near the rampart to summon boss you need to complete quest chain starting with "Medivh's Journal"

    2. Outdoor bosses: 1 Soloable, 1 to be determined.
    • Doomwalker: Supposed to be easy.
    • Doom Lord Kazzak: --.

    3. Magtheridon's Lair: Soloable
    • Magtheridon: --. Doable as Fury. AoE approach to adds seems to work better because they start to use heals not only on the one you're attacking. Boss itself is easy.

    4. Gruul's Lair: To be determined
    • High King Maulgar: --. Probably not soloable. Priest heals, lock chain fears you, shaman hexes you. However there are reports that those adds can be killed.
    • Gruul the Dragonkiller: --. Supposed to be easy.

    5. Serpentshrine Cavern: 5/6 To be determined. 1 Impossible
    • Hydross the Unstable: --. Supposed to be Easy with 500+ frost resistance.
    • The Lurker Below: --. Supposed to be Doable. You can stay in water with back to the edge of the ring to avoid knocback (confirmation needed).
    • Leotheras the Blind: MEDIUM. No resistance gear is needed. In human form boss isn't any problem. In demon form however you should kite the boss around the room outrunning his attack and stacking debuff. At 15% both forms are active at the same time and you basicly have to kill it before it kills you. You can wait for the debuff to wear off before pushing to this phase.
    • Fathom-Lord Karathress: --
    • Morogrim Tidewalker: --
    • Lady Vashj: IMPOSSIBLE due to the fight mechanics. At least two people are needed to disable her shield in phase 2.

    6. Tempest Keep: The Eye: To be determined.
    • Al'ar: MEDIUM EASY. A proper DPS or mending on weapons (or other survivability stuff) is needed. Blood Craze talent is very usefull here. In P2 you can bandage youself when the boss flies up.
    • Void Reaver: --. Supposed to be soloable as Fury with some prot. items and proper spec to maximize self healing. Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout on pull before you're silenced. Mending enchant on weapons might help.
    • High Astromancer Solarian: --.
    • Kael'thas Sunstrider: --.

    7. Hyjal Summit: To be determined.
    • Rage Winterchill: --. Supposed to be medium easy.
    • Anetheron: --. Supposed to be easy.
    • Kaz'rogal: --. Supposed to be easy.
    • Azgalor: --. Supposed to be easy.
    • Archimonde: --.

    8. Black Temple: To be determined.
    • High Warlord Naj'entus: IMPOSSIBLE due to the fight mechanics. You can't get impaled when solo thus there is no way of breaking boss' shield. You wouldn't be able to click Imapling Spine on yourself anyway.
    • Supremus: --. Rumor say it's soloable as prot.
    • Shade of Akama: --.
    • Teron Gorefiend: --. Rumor say it's soloable as prot.
    • Gurtogg Bloodboil: --.
    • Reliquary of Souls: --.
    • Mother Shahraz: --.
    • The Illidari Council: --.
    • Illidan Stormrage: --.

    9. Sunwell Plateau: 1 Impossible, rest to be determined.
    • Kalecgos: IMPOSSIBLE due to the fight mechanics.
    • Brutallus: --.
    • Felmyst: --.
    • Eredar Twins: --.
    • M'uru / Entropius: --.
    • Kil'jaeden: --.
    Level 80 Raids:
    Some of the 10man bosses might be soloable.
    • Flame Leviathan: --. Supposed to be Easy. Park 2 demolishers in his arena and use a motorcycle to get to the second one once you're out of Pyrite.
    • Sartharion: --. 10 man version doable as prot.

    ----------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------

    Other things:
    I'm Iluvatar of Stormrage, member of Avalerion. wow/en/character/stormrage/iluvatar/simple (can't post links)
    1. If you disagree with difficulty, possibility of killing certain boss or want to update the list be as thorough as possible. If you write "Impossible! (Because I say so)" it will be ignored. If you have proof (video etc.) post links.
    2. Do not write that this or that boss can be killed by DK, Pala, Gnome(wut?) or whatever. This is a list for warriors and we realy don't care about yours DKs etc. Gnomes are still welcome
    3. If you need a clarification for ceratin boss, ask. Point out issues you have with it so others can help you.
    4. If the fight is described as Easy by majority but you can't solo it you're probably doing something wrong :]
    5. If the fight is described as Hard and you can't solo it, well, it IS hard and not everyone have to be capable of doing it. See #3

    I'd like to thank everyone for input so far.
    If you're wondering why some bosses are still not described as doable after you said it is it's because this is the "Internetz". Anyone can write anything. That's why other people have to validate it or a proper proof/tactic/advice have to be given.
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    thank you, that's awesome and helpful

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    are you replying from experience?

    # Nightbane: --. You need a special item to summon Boss. Blackened Urn.
    since like forever you dont need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marilina View Post
    are you replying from experience?

    since like forever you dont need it
    fairly sure you still have to do the quest to be able to use the item on the balcony

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    I think you should leave gnomes out of it.

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    So basically the idea is the warrior cant kill shit....ty for the insight

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    very nice. Will try to solo some of the undetermined stuff to help you out. So far i have only soloed things you have listed as soloable.
    Also would some bosses in naxx be soloable? maybe sap as prot?
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    Kael'thas should only be solo able by hunters and warlocks due to you need to dispell fear with another player, or LoS it behind one of the statues, watch kirpparrians guide for more info about it... So not by warriors... all of bwl except of first boss is very easy soloed, and first boss can be 2 manned. just thougth you could add that :>

    ... as a matter of fact, Chromaggus migth be hard for warriors, but rest shouldent be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatalaeon View Post
    fairly sure you still have to do the quest to be able to use the item on the balcony
    you dont ive not done the quest but i still summoned nightbane
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    High King and Gruul are soloable. I did it on my boomkin. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mroovek View Post
    Level 80 Raids:
    This list is going to be very short. So far the only soloable boss is Flame Leviathan (at least for warrior).

    ----------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------

    marrowgar is soloable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    High King and Gruul are soloable. I did it on my boomkin. =)
    Warrior forum. Hence the mentioning of things like bloodthirst.

    Also, nightbane can straight out be summoned, no you don't need to do the quest to use the urn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diox990 View Post
    marrowgar is soloable
    as a warrior?
    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Life Lesson #1 - People are terrible.

    Don't let it get to you. It'll only spoil your own personal enjoyment if you do.

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    Nice thread, maybe I'll give this soo-raid bosses a go since it seems to be a popular hobby these days. So cheers for this.

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    from vanilla wow, molten core and AQ 10 can be soloed including every single boss , AQ 40 and BWL cant be soloed.

    Kara its really easy actually is easier than aq 10, for netherspite just block the green beam and dps him down, the chess event is easy too, send your wizard/warlock to attack the king/warchief you will take at least 40% hp down before they kill your wizard and then the rest is easy, also heal your king everytime is possible.

    Zul'aman is a cake, the bear is the hardest boss, because he hits really hard when is in bear form like 9k a hit, the rest is easy Zul'jin is the easiest boss to solo in there.

    Hyjal cant be soloed, Black Temple neither, Serpentshrine
    no, tempest keep just A'lar, Gruul lair cant be soloed, Mag i dont think he can be soloed by a warrior(i solo him every week as a ret pally Divine Storm spam all fight long), Sunwell none of the 1st two bosses are soloable.

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    I solod ayamiss, and sartharion on my warrior. I strongly suggest being prot for sarth. there is a video in my signature link if you dont beleive me =p.

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    Gonna make some adjustments, from my own personal experience..

    3. Magtheridon's Lair: Soloable

    * Magtheridon: -- Done as Fury. Easy. Just gotta burst channelers down at first, that's the hard part.

    4. Gruul's Lair: To be determined

    * High King Maulgar: --. Couldn't solo, not even close.
    * Gruul the Dragonkiller: --. Doable. Easy.

    6. Tempest Keep: The Eye: To be determined.

    * Al'ar: Medium Easy. Must honor fight mechanics though.
    * Void Reaver: Medium as fury, wear some tank gear. I needed a special spec to maximize self healing.
    * High Astromancer Solarian: Easy.
    * Kael'thas Sunstrider: Impossible (from my experience anyway)

    Edit -- This thread is really interesting and I'd love to see other bosses fellow warriors have found ways to solo.
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    I've soloed supremus and terron gorefiend as prot(he doesn't kill you if you're the only person there)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The bearer of truths View Post
    I solod ayamiss, and sartharion on my warrior. I strongly suggest being prot for sarth. there is a video in my signature link if you dont beleive me =p.
    Well you cant solo the trash before sartharion - so kinda useless info

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