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    Also forgot to say,soloed mother shahraz as prot,her saber lash hits quite hard but souldrinker + blood craze help alot there,once you get her to 20% its game over due to devastate proccing victory rush heal.

    And little update,as soon as I crafted lvl 80 frr gear I soloed rage winterchill(oneshot lol) and proceeded to solo whole hyjal which was pretty easy,only hard part is killing banshees fast so you dont get miss debuff heh.
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    And major update,four horsemen down as fury,was a pretty hard at start but when you kill one ,victory rush kicks in,selfheal kill rivendare near blaumeux to remove her spamming aoe and vr again,and then its easy once she dies vr on zeliek.

    BUT BIGGEST UPDATE EVER,patchwerk down as prot,omg that was fkin amazing feeling,I cleared all abom packs around the area,then pulled 3 of those surgeon packs,killed monstrosities and kept all small mobs up for victory rush healing whenever i needed,never dropped below 50% hp,damn intense,so next is grobbulus and that will make me 12/15 naxx 10,i think i can solo razuvious aswell which makes thaddius unsoloable(maybe,ill try if i ever pass gluth).

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    High King Maulgar can be solod. Did it wielding dual souldrinkers 3/3 heal talents and enough dps.

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    Update,soloed marrowgar with prot spec,and yes maulgar is soloable,I did it like in t12 gear or so few months ago,but its not worth repeating it,major headache.

    Update 2: Lady deathwhisper down,didnt even wipe lol,but curse of torpor sux:<.
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    Tried Vashj 10 times or so today and managed to get into p3. At that point she was so big she barely fit into the instance anymore and swinged for 25k. I suppose with a well-timed free action potion and all cds ready at this point (+2/2 die by the sword as fury) it might just give you enough time to do it.

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    Im not a warrior but just to point out, Kael'Thas is impossible due to 1 bug, gravity lapse bug, if you get through phases too fast it will bug and when the boss launches u in air u won't be able to fly and u will get alot of fall dmg, and if u try to do it in a slower way ul most likely get killed by pyroblasts / firebolts. (gm confirmed this.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The unknown secret View Post
    Im not a warrior but just to point out, Kael'Thas is impossible due to 1 bug, gravity lapse bug, if you get through phases too fast it will bug and when the boss launches u in air u won't be able to fly and u will get alot of fall dmg, and if u try to do it in a slower way ul most likely get killed by pyroblasts / firebolts. (gm confirmed this.)
    You do realise that you can simply heroic leap when 40 yards away from the floor in order to take no fall dmg right? On top of that you can also intercept KT while falling.

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    Good Thread, I'll have to test some of these out to see if I can make some gold off them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebigbull View Post
    So basically the idea is the warrior cant kill shit....ty for the insight
    welcome to warriors since the start of bc. useless. and rage winterchill is damn near impossible to solo, death and decay is percentage based and ticks at least once
    maybe twice before you can get out of it.

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    Rage winterchill becomes a joke with proper fury spec and lvl 80 frr items(3 crafted ones), you will have around 420 frr atleast with those 3 + prismatic elixir + drums.

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    You can solo Twin Emps if you can outdps their healing. Mortal Strike helps.

    You can also solo C'thun. Pull Ouro into C'thun's room, so when he eats you, Ouro ports you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alhazred View Post
    patchwerk/razuvious might be if you get alot of adds that dont hit for much but give vr procs,grobbulus is probably soloable,gluth and thaddius arent,or well,wont jump to conclusions with gluth,with fury spec and sick gear,gotta kill him before decimate,but still Im not sure cuz he will heal alot from those adds so better list him as unsoloable.
    Raz hits like a truck loaded with bricks. Unsoloable for a couple expansions more, I'd say

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    I actually managed to get razuvious to 60% but I didnt have enough adds on me so I can selfheal with victory rush.Id say patchwerk hits harder but razuvious can do ALOT of damage in single hit with unbalancing strike.

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    Getting there with Vashj. Have had some luck and even been able to get all 4 cores in my bags - just not disable the shields. Trying it. A lot. Just have to get lucky with the first four tainted eles I think. CDs do play an important part in timing but after 5 minutes, it gets tricky to hold up against 10K+ lightnings. Is it Nature resist then for that? I could try boosting my NR higher to help. Drums + Prismatic Elixir + Nightelf natural resist (I think) gives me 172 NR.

    Edit. Boosted with a head item w/nature enchant and finally got to phase 3. Vashj had probably 99 stacks though and was hititng me for 25K+ a hit so that ended that go really fast. Wil try more - just need to get lucky .

    Anyway... Don't think I can post a link but I do have a lot of videos up on YT (CosplayerTheRealLink).

    Level 60 Raids:
    1. MOLTEN CORE: Fully soloable
    •Lucifron: EASY.
    •Magmadar: EASY.
    •Gehennas: EASY.
    •Garr: EASY.
    •Shazzrah: EASY.
    •Baron Geddon: EASY.
    •Golemagg the Incinerator: EASY.
    •Sulfuron Harbinger: EASY.
    •Majordomo Executus: MEDIUM-EASY. Might need to heal but I also did them at 82 or so as well.
    •Ragnaros: MEDIUM. Use Intercept/Heroic Leap to avoid fall damage or time your knockbacks to land on the ledge (I had to personally go to Arms to keep intercepting though). Lots of Fire Resist helps!

    •Razorgore the Untamed: I know it's not impossible alone but haven't done it yet.
    --------Boss above needs to be killed to proceed--------
    •Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: Rest are so far N/A for me.
    •Broodlord Lashlayer:

    3. Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Fully soloable.
    •Kurinnaxx: MEDIUM-EASY. Watch that debuff and keep moving.
    •General Rajaxx: EASY.
    •Moam: EASY.
    •Buru the Gorger: MEDIUM-EASY. Kept getting pounded on him until I learned the strat.
    •Ayamiss the Hunter: MEDIUM-EASY. Kept alternating between throws and used a gun for ranged. Takes awhile but not insanely hard.
    •Ossirian the Unscarred: EASY.

    4. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj:
    •The Prophet Skeram: EASY.
    •Bug Trio (optional): MEDIUM-HARD. These guys really took me awhile to be fortunate on. Could counter fear with Berserk but just blew all CDs on the bug that heals. Once that one dies it tends to become much easier.
    •Battleguard Sartura: EASY. Just pound it. Assistants are optional.
    •Fankriss the Unyielding: MEDIUM. Stacking to 80% -healing debuff makes BT and Engraged Regeneration almost useless. Plus you're sometimes teleported and stunned with some adds on you. You can be chain teleported and stunned without time to kill adds which can overwhelm you. Just really have to watch the timing of ER. The tele-binds with bugs can drop you fast!
    •Viscidus (optional): ? Can get him to 1HP but haven't tried frost weapons / attacks yet.
    •Princess Huhuran: MEDIUM-EASY. DPS race to just pound her. That poison gets really nasty once it stacks.
    •Twin Emperors: IMPOSSIBLE. If Twins are close to each other they heal for +30k per second and they will both run to you. Only tried once but might be doable later.
    --------Boss above needs to be killed to proceed--------
    •Ouro: Haven't tried
    •C'Thun: Haven't tried
    Level 70 Raids:
    1. Karazhan: Fully soloable. It's fun - just long!
    •Attumen the Huntsman: EASY.
    •Moroes: EASY.
    •Maiden of Virtue: EASY.
    •Opera Event: EASY.
    •The Curator: EASY. The little eels can hurt if they're all stacked together though.
    •Terestian Illhoof: EASY.
    •Shade of Aran: EASY.
    •Netherspite: MEDIUM-EASY. I did this personally by only blocking the green beam. Took a few tries to get it done but not too bad.
    •Chess Event: MEDIUM. You can't die here, but difficulty comes from the fact there's no 100% perfect strategy. Enemy pieces move randomly and sometimes you simply can't do anything to win alone. Anyway try to use your mage first to damage enemy King from the distance. I kept blocking my King in as much as I could and moved the fire-mage a few steps up and blocked him in. Just kept fireballing the enemy king as much as could be done and then killed the king with whatever was left. Quite luck dependant but not impossible (took me several hours though).
    •Prince Malchezaar: EASY.
    •Nightbane: N/A didn't try this.

    2. Outdoor bosses:
    •Doomwalker: Haven't tried this yet.
    •Doom Lord Kazzak: Same.

    3. Magtheridon's Lair: Soloable
    •Magtheridon: MEDIUM. Doable as Fury I tried it with far worse gear (360s) but anything higher should work out alright. I just pounded the first healer with every CD possible and kept trying to just keep as many damaging skills up on the others as fast as possible. Once you're down to 3 it's not too bad and anything less should go down kind of fast. Boss itself isn't hard. Just takes a little while. By far the hardest thing that made me try again and again and again was bypassing the healers' damage.

    4. Gruul's Lair: To be determined
    •High King Maulgar: Tried this and got I was feared while being shapeshifted. Will have to give it a few more goes for sure though to determine it for me.
    •Gruul the Dragonkiller: Supposed to be easy.

    5. Serpentshrine Cavern:
    •Hydross the Unstable: MEDIUM - Stack up the resistences! As a Nightelf you get a little extra NR but yeah, Drums and Prismatic Elixirs are your friend here. Not terribly hard once you're past ~140 in both NR and FR.
    •The Lurker Below: --. Haven't tried.
    •Leotheras the Blind: MEDIUM. Fire Resist helps but just watch it near the end. You can be full health but if you time demon form wrong with healing, the damage stacks can kill you fast. I purposely let mine wear off before the very last phase where he splits and then pounded him.
    •Fathom-Lord Karathress: -- EASY. Kill the healer first, Priest (I think) second and mage third. then the boss. Just keep moving and heal with ER if necessary. Took me all of two or three tries, max.
    •Morogrim Tidewalker: -- MEDIUM-HARD Hits pretty hard (a few k at once) and for whatever reason loves to parry and block your attacks far more than the other bosses (or maybe just has higher armor) as it took me nearly 10 mins to get him down. Tried several times with killing just him, killing him and focusing on the Murlocs, and so forth. Finally had a break where I focused on him and only killed Murlocks when absolutely necessary as I kept moving backward. Beat him with like 2% HP left.
    •Lady Vashj: I don't want to say impossible but so far I've just barely gotten her to phase 3 (finally). Seems doable if *very* lucky.

    6. Tempest Keep: The Eye: To be determined.
    •Al'ar: MEDIUM EASY. A proper DPS or mending on weapons (or other survivability stuff) is needed. Fire resist helps a lot. You'll have time to use your ER several times (9+ min fight). Be sure to get off the higher ledges when the bird goes to the center . For phase 2 I just focused down any smaller birds as fast as I could and focused back on the boss.
    •Void Reaver: MEDIUM. Had to finally put on 2x Mending weapons for survivability on this guy. Just ignore the orbs and keep going at it... it'll be close even if it's not terribly hard mechanics-wise.
    •High Astromancer Solarian: MEDIUM. Not too hard on the damange taken but there are a lot of adds + a couple healers for the boss that will keep teleporting in. I had to head to the door to get a low ceiling to prevent the near constant knock-ups. Good news though is the fall does *not* cause you damange in this fight.
    •Kael'thas Sunstrider: Tried. Can get to phase 3 barely but haven't had any luck there.

    7. Hyjal Summit: Haven't tried yet
    •Rage Winterchill: --.
    •Anetheron: --.
    •Kaz'rogal: --.
    •Azgalor: --.
    •Archimonde: --.

    8. Black Temple: Haven't tried yet
    •High Warlord Naj'entus:
    •Supremus: --.
    •Shade of Akama: --.
    •Teron Gorefiend: --.
    •Gurtogg Bloodboil: --.
    •Reliquary of Souls: --.
    •Mother Shahraz: --.
    •The Illidari Council: --.
    •Illidan Stormrage: --.

    9. Sunwell Plateau: A WIP for me.
    •Kalecgos: Did get this guy down to maybe 400K. Seems doable but between bugging out and not working correctly, he's skippable.
    •Brutallus: IMPOSSIBLE. 7 MILLION+ HP.
    •Felmyst: --.
    •Eredar Twins: --.
    •M'uru / Entropius: --.
    •Kil'jaeden: --.

    10. Throne of The Tides. MEDIUM Sorry I know it's not a raid!
    Was able to do it all eventually. Just some close fights for sure!

    11. Stonecore. Sorry I know it's not a raid!
    Can kill the rock burrower via VR on the little guys. Get pounded by the proto-drake though so may have to come back later.
    Level 80 Raids:
    Haven't tried.
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    MEGA UPDATE OF DOOM : RAZUVIOUS DOWN(im not sure if its warrior first cause i havent seen any video of it,but ill fraps mine next time),pulled like 20 bats from heigans room and gg.

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    While I am no Warrior myself, once the 5.0 MoP patch drops pre-expansion, your Soloing list will spike up nicely, if they keep the new variation of Impending Victory as it is (which I think they will).

    Can Victory Rush any time, but with a 30sec CD, 20 Rage cost, and only heals for 10%.

    And you'd have to sacrifice Enraged Regeneration and Second Wind for it (currently, based on the immediate talent calc for MoP).

    So, just a new glimmer of hope to add to you guys soloing stuff!
    (I play a Paladin, so, I know the fun of trying to find what you can and can't kill).

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    Some really helpful information here, though the level of difficulty varies.. and it depends on class

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    I've been trying my luck in old raids recently as well. My gear is roughly lvl 380 as both prot and fury. With some help from the tips in this thread I've cleared MC, BWL (using my hunter to get past Razorgore and Chromaggus), Karazhan, Magtheridon, Al'ar and Void Reaver. I use stamina food, prismatic elixir and drums of the forgotten kings for most encounters. I'd like to share some experience from SSC and MH in case anyone is interested.

    Karathress is more difficult than any of the other bosses that are marked "Easy". Carybdis must die quickly, but with a pure dps set the subsequent damage will overwhelm you. I found prot spec/gear the best way to go. Luckily her whirlwinds can be avoided to some extent by using LoS.
    Lurker was weird. The spout mechanism can bug when this encounter is soloed. He doesn't always move in a circle but instead keep facing you, resulting in a massive knockback and damage equal to 70% of my health. I found that remaining underwater was the only option. The submerge is no problem as fury; the adds give more health than they take.
    Leotheras, on the other hand, was surprisingly easy. I did it with fury spec/gear. Kited/healed during the demon phase, dps during the human phase. I burned him down before I noticed any damage in the last phase.

    Mount Hyjal:
    Rage Winterchill required a fury spec with Second Wind (along with FD/BC which I use for every fight). Avoid DoD by using heroic leap or running. More than 2-3 ticks can result in a wipe. Heroic fury removes the slow. Use bandages on CD while he is channeling.
    Anetheron was no challenge as prot. Have NPCs attack him from behind so you don't get hit by his Swarm too often. The infernals do quite insignificant damage. I chose to use HS on the boss instead of cleave since hitting more targets with revenge resulted in a stronger shield from 2-p T13.
    Kaz'rogal was easy as well. I used prot spec to be safe which resulted in a rather long fight. Kiting around to engage as many NPCs as possible speeds it up.
    Hybris made me engage Azgalor in fury spec/gear which nearly resulted in a wipe. I managed to equip a shield and switch to def stance in time though and eventually killed him.
    Archimonde isn't too bad but it does require certain talents. My prot spec didn't include blood trance or impending victory at first, and consequently I got slaughtered. But with these talents it was a totally different story. Survival is obviously the first priority so keep Thunder Clap/Demo Shout up and use shield wall/block on CD. Avoid the fire and break the fear when possible. In the end I didn't even require any health pot and was at 50%ish when the fight was over.
    Obviously none of the 6 tier tokens that dropped were for warrior. Bah.

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    As I suspected,sarth 3d aint hard,killed all 3 drakes but couldnt finish off boss cause of obvious reasons(shadrons disciple puts shield on boss that makes him immune to damage unless you go inside but if you go inside alone boss resets).But as I said i killed off all 3 drakes and ended up on full hp,so killing boss after that wouldnt be hard anyway+ ive done that with sarth +2d so 3d aint big difference.

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    C'thun was solod by a rogue a while back..

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