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    Quote Originally Posted by Mroovek View Post
    • Viscidus (optional): IMPOSSIBLE due to the fight mechanics. Boss requires frost based attacks to be frozen. Warriors lack frost attacks
    Frost Oil or Deathfrost + Any equippable weapon under ilevel 165

    A pair of Savage Cobalt Slicers should be easy peasy to throw together or you could be fashionable and go double Vanir's Fists for 780 JP.

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    Vaelstraza the Corrupt is soloable depending on your dps gear, got him to 5% before i blew up in 95% blue heroic/JP gear and 5% epic gear so if you're decked in full T11 gear or possible T11 heroic gear then yes it's possible.

    Nefarian is soloable, a cake walk especially if you're a fury warr (warriors call lawl!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tingol View Post
    # Ayamiss the Hunter: IMPOSSIBLE. Boss can't be meleed and our ranged attacks are not good enough.

    This is wrong. Soloed as lvl 80 fury warr. There is a place on the right side of the rooms behind some eggs or something where you are los from boss and you can reset the stacks of debuff you get when boss shoots you. Thakes 30 minutes though as only thing you can dps it with untill it lands is heroic trow, shatering trow and some ranged weapon
    or just take out your gun/bow, heroic throw on each cooldown and there...this fight now is easy
    at least thathow i did it 2 times and i didnt run into any problems.

    Netherspite is incredibly easy aswell, as fury.
    Block the green beam all the time. he goes down in first phase and due to the nature of the green beam you should still be close to 100%HP no matter how the other beams buffs him.

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    Thanks for the great input so far. I will be updating first post shortly.
    And sorry for a screwup with Nightbane. I simply didn't check it myself :P

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    Guildie actually did Maulgar somehow, prolly Gruul after too. Raidgeared furywarrior, he said he tries to nuke Maulgar before he gets CCd etc, duno how he actually got it done when he did it.
    Magtheridon indeed is faceroll, dont even need shield, again fury with raidgear.

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    That's interesting. Try to push him to tell you how he did Maulgar .
    And about Maggy I personally tried do it as Fury but had to use Regeneration during adds so after they were dead boss simply finished me off.

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    well now u can add yogg to the list of 80 bosses!!

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    magtheridon is soloable as fury, did him last night, had to switch to defstance for a while though untill enraged regeneration was able to be used again. took 5 try's but at least its doable

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    Level 80 Raids:
    This list is going to be very short. So far the only soloable boss is Flame Leviathan (at least for warrior).
    What? Sarth? Quite some from naxx10? Some of Uld10..

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    Hunter solos Illidan

    The legendary Raegwyn solos Kael in TK

    Nothing is impossible.

    Sorry about the url's, can't copy links yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentshank View Post
    well now u can add yogg to the list of 80 bosses!!

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    good list, if rewards were added to the list that would be awesome.

    magtheridon (25man) drops ~500g, 20slot bag, quest item (bit more gold at 85) and a couple of tokens / epics

    edit: also, can we have what man they're soloable on please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by doylo View Post
    edit: also, can we have what man they're soloable on please?
    All pre-WotLK raids have only 1 size and 1 difficulty, so mentioning what size the raids are would be pointless, unless it's for WotLK raids.

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    High King can't be solo'd for the reasons you mentioned. No way to mitigate that kind of damage, no way to zerg hard enough to drop the adds through skill coils / hex / generally being blown up very very fast.

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    Nightbane is soloable.

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    Nice post, its about time something like this was created

    MC is soloable as a warrior, no doubt. I find that changing between arms and fury depending on the Boss and or trash (core hound packs) can make things easy.

    BWL - I think some Bosses can be soloed. I do it every reset for the gold/ingots with a ret pally guildy.
    Razorgore the Untamed: IMPOSSIBLE - correct, need atleast 2 - someone to control etc.
    Vaelastrasz the Corrupt - only tried with 2, dont see what you couldnt do it solo aslong as you can last the bomb and kill him prior.
    Firemaw - i dont see any reason why he cant be soloed - will give it ago as fury.
    Ebonroc: i dont see any reason why he cant be soloed - will give it ago as fury.
    Flamegor: - might be doable, you would need to out dps his heal/debuff - dont take much damage at all will try as arms.
    Chromaggus: - I dont see how it can be done by warrior's, the heals and removing of debuffs wont work with warriors.
    Nefarian: - trash can be done, the actual fight only ever done with 2.
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    Thanks for the list!

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    Ebonroc is impossible to solo unless you can put out enough DPS to cancel out the healing debuff. Two players trading aggro should work fine, but it WILL take a while. My friend and I made a valiant effort with just the two of us and got him down to 50% in about half an hour (warrior and mage). We actually killed the next boss during the fight because it was taking so long.

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    Nefarian is soloable / Blackwing Lair (60). Just need to survive through when all the adds at the start respawn, the rest is relatively easy if you can self-heal.

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    Evening Illuvatar :-)

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