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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiveagen View Post
    Ebonroc is impossible to solo unless you can put out enough DPS to cancel out the healing debuff. Two players trading aggro should work fine, but it WILL take a while. My friend and I made a valiant effort with just the two of us and got him down to 50% in about half an hour (warrior and mage). We actually killed the next boss during the fight because it was taking so long.
    Not impossible, just hard. With full raid buffs and a pot in full 372 gear I see no reason why a fury warrior can't kill him.

    Frost Oil or Deathfrost + Any equippable weapon under ilevel 165

    A pair of Savage Cobalt Slicers should be easy peasy to throw together or you could be fashionable and go double Vanir's Fists for 780 JP.
    It's not the frost damage that makes Viscidus hard (although it takes forever to freeze him.) It's that when he's frozen, you need a certain number of melee attacks to shatter him. I.e. more than one person. I was unable to shatter him as fury by myself.

    High Warlord Naj'entus: --. Supposed to be impossible. Boss heals for too much when you're impaled by Impaling Spine.
    Correction: he won't impale you if you're the only target. But that's what makes it impossible. You can't dispel his invulnerability since you won't have a spine to throw at him.

    Ouro: --. Supposed to be easy.
    Confirmed super easy, so easy you can alt-tab and win.

    Hydross the Unstable: --
    Medium Easy if you have 500+ frost resist.

    Flame Leviathan: --
    Easy for any class, in full epics a demolisher has 3.6 million HP. Park 2 demolishers in his arena and use a motorcycle to get to the second one once you're out of Pyrite. This is why Blizz is nerfing the gold drop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumblystuff View Post
    Frost Oil or Deathfrost + Any equippable weapon under ilevel 165

    A pair of Savage Cobalt Slicers should be easy peasy to throw together or you could be fashionable and go double Vanir's Fists for 780 JP.
    what the guy above me said. He takes 200 frost attacks to freeze and then 75 melee attacks to shatter. Tried it this weekend not knowing the latter and was extremely pissed after what had to have been at least 30 mins of just using Icy Touch on my dk to freeze him only to find out he was impossible to shatter lol.

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    If only you could use Victory Rush on lower level mobs. Would make Warrior soloing a hell of a lot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valleygamer View Post
    Hunter solos Illidan

    The legendary Raegwyn solos Kael in TK

    Nothing is impossible.

    Sorry about the url's, can't copy links yet.

    dude this thread is about warriors, not hunters or dks or anything else, just warriors.

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    Tried some of SSC Bosses as Fury (raidgeared, some 372):

    Hydross the Unstable: was not doable for me without resistance gear. With stacked debuff he critted for as high as 25K frost damage. Self heal was not enough. Never got him below 1 Mio. Tried preventign the stacking debuff by making him change frost <-> nature. Adds were not a problem. But it did not help. Should be doable with frost gear though.

    Lurker below: did it on the 3rd try. Had to enter his pool though with my back to ring so I could not get kicked. Being kicked results in a lot of elementary damage and less self heal. Intercepts did not work reliably. Had to do the add phase once. The ranged on three different platforms can be a problem as you have some considerable travel time.

    Leotheras the blind: Didn't kill him but should be doable. The lowest I got him was 80K and 45K. This was witout any fire gear. Should be easy with some fire resistance gear, as his demon form is the only challenge on this encounter. Even blowing all cooldowns (deathwish + recklessness, resistance TB trinket and SW at the end) the debuffs stacked so high that his bolt damaged me up to 35K at the end.

    Morogrim Tidewalker: Could be doable as prot. As fury the lowest I got him was something around 50%. Not even in kill range. Gave up.

    Karathress and Lady Vashji I dit not try. Vashji should be eimpossible though because of the mechanics.

    @some previous poster: Sartharion (10man) adds and trash is doable as fury, but quite challanging. Not that one add with immunity though.

    Voidreaver (TK): I could not kill him as fury. The elemental orb attack really hurts. As some have stated could be doable with some tank gear though.

    Maulgar Council (Gruul preboss): Tried him 2 months ago as fury (when recklessness were 3 gearenteed crits still). Killed 2 of his adds (warlock and priest), my HP was still at 50% with enraged regeneration and SW still up. But the mage does really hurt because of the damage + constant sheeping. Gave up. Given some gear upgrades + mastery buffs + recklessness change he should be burstable in the near future though. I reckon he should be doable if 3 adds die as soon as possible: priest, warlock, mage.

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    Screw tank gear. Void Reaver requires consumables, and as many buffs as you can get. Go back in there with a Mythic Healing Potion and see if you can kill him. Weapons with Mending make it doubly easy. Don't try and avoid the orb. Get as much up-time as possible on the boss. Start with charge into Thunderclap and Demo Shout before he silences you.

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    Anybody tried to use the DK method to solo Kael? Is it a close shot or simply impossible because we lack the self healing?

    For reference:

    If an "extreme-solo'er" would manage that and share his / her technique, it would make my day. I would run the tests myself, but I only have pvp gear. By the way, Fury with the rest of the points in Prot + field dressing is the best solo spec, right?

    Oh, second question: What about Archavon and some of his buddies?
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    Archavon and buddies, depends if you can proc victory rush from the adds frozen orbs and emalon adds.

    I tryed kael on a ptr premade, i am pretty sure it will be possible in a few tiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentshank View Post
    well now u can add yogg to the list of 80 bosses!!
    that was a DK who soloed him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Life Lesson #1 - People are terrible.

    Don't let it get to you. It'll only spoil your own personal enjoyment if you do.

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    I have personally solo'd Alar in TK. You seriously just burn him down and he dies. He'll go to the floor, but you again just burn him. He does virtually no damage to me. I killed him before any adds.
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    Any tips for soloing chess?

    I've tried controlling the warlock (I'm horde) and killing the king from range, but the healers heal him to much, haven't been able to get him below 40%, last time at about 60% i decided to kill 1 of the healers but as their healer died, my king did too.

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    Control the king, chess is all about RNG.
    Should be fine being honest.

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    Chromaggus is impossible due to mechanics. You turn into a mind-controlled dragonkin when you get one of each debuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mroovek View Post
    [*]Viscidus (optional): --. Boss requires frost based attacks to be frozen. Might be possible using Frost Oil or Deathfrost on your weapons. Weapon DPS doesn't matter in this case so cheap ones can be used.
    Freezing him with the oil is no problem, shattering him however is a different story, it requires a set amount of attacks to then shatter him, and this bit is timed before he thaws, currently I believe only an enhancement shammy using speed pots/heroism/wolves or a dk with a well timed army of the dead can do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mroovek View Post
    [*]C'Thun: UNCONFIRMED: Boss despawns after swallowing you because there's no one "above".[/list]

    Although it's a warlock doing it, it's proof that if no one is above ground he will kill everyone in the stomach, making this and impossible solo.

    Also noticed Flame Lev isn't ticked off as EASY, it was doable with some setup of tanks at 80, now it's a real cakewalk, free gold every week!

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    great list keep updating ,...bookmarked !

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    Again thanks for the input. I'll update main post later today.

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    Good post. -thumbs up-

    I'll post if I come across any pertinent info.

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    I have managed to solo full bwl excluding razorgore ofcourse,chromaggus was all about rng,first I got bronze debuff=remove with sand,then i got blue,then red,then bronze,then bronze, then bronze,then red,then red then he died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alhazred View Post
    I have managed to solo full bwl excluding razorgore ofcourse,chromaggus was all about rng,first I got bronze debuff=remove with sand,then i got blue,then red,then bronze,then bronze, then bronze,then red,then red then he died.
    Let us know how you killed Ebonroc. With full raid buffs, Recklessness, Deathwish, trinket, and Golemblood potion, I was able to get him to 40% before he started healing up.

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    To reiterate a response from another poster, Naj'entus in Black Temple is impossible, due to the mechanics. You cannot break his shield, so he constantly heals himself. And, this being the first boss in BT, you cannot proceed any further.

    Also, another way to kill Netherspite, in case you mess up the beam blocks, is just to wait him out. After about 3 phases, they stop, so he's incredibly easy if you can last that long.

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