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    Rift - Looking for guild

    Not sure if this is in the correct section and if not I'm sorry.

    Since I can't post on the rift forums just yet due to my card not coming in yet (I have a rift CD key but my card has yet to come in so I can put it in ) so since a lot of people seem interested in Rift on these forums I was going to post up a looking for guild.

    Time zone: Eastern time zone, Hoping to stick with a guild that has a majority of players at this time but guild that are one hour behind or ahead is just fine as well.

    Role: I'm at a cross between healer/tank, at the moment I'm thinking of going healer with no DPS soul but if a guild presents it self and they need a tank over a healer or vise versa I can always change.

    Purpose: Want to raid and pretty much do end game content all the way through, not much of a pvper my self so the more content that the guild plans to down the better.

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    There's probably a better place in the existing thread:


    Might be able to find a few guilds listed there as well.

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