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  • Twilight Sparkle

    4 11.76%
  • Pinkie Pie

    4 11.76%
  • Applejack

    3 8.82%
  • Rainbow Dash

    9 26.47%
  • Rarity

    1 2.94%
  • Fluttershy

    2 5.88%
  • I'm not manly enough to watch this show

    11 32.35%
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    [TV] Who is your favorite pony from My Little Pony?

    As you can see, I'm a bit of a Rainbow Dash fan myself.

    For everypony who hasn't seen the show, I have a link to an episode here: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=ISEC2Y67RPM

    And for everypony who thinks that ponies are for girls, you are terribly mistaken. There are many bronies out there.

    Poll will be here soon.

    Edit: Poll is here! Vote away!
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    Pinkie Pie:
    An earth pony. Her body and mane & tail had always varied in different shades of pink, hence her name. She loved planning big parties and "everything―and positively―pink". In the G3 series, she is the leader of the Core 7, always ready to help her friends and sharing true friendship with them. In the new and current series, her mane and tail are both curly and she enjoys laughing, singing and playing pranks. She also becomes a musical and ice skater throughout the series run. Her symbol is yellow and blue balloons. In The Magic Key, she is hot pink. In the episode titled "Bridle Gossip", cursed by the Poison Joke plant her tongue is stuck out with light blue dots on it and it makes her hard to speak clearly.

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    I remember watching this in the 80's. Good times.

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    Haha, win thread imo.

    Pinkie Pie. <3

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    Twilight Sparkle is just plain awesome. She's more win than this thread can contain.

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    Please don't bring ponies here.

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    Charlie of course, he's awesome.
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    Sylvanas will just give her own head to Tyrande.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    I like Fat Goku the best

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    Applejack and Cotton Candy were my favorites. The very first one I got was Cotton Candy. Think I was like 8 or so, I took her everywhere. I have a very vivid memory of her sitting in the window beside me when we went out for dinner at Quincy's I believe.

    Wish I still had those original ponies. Had pretty much all of them between my cousin and I.

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    still 1/10, also not this shit again >.>

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    The hell is this? D:

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    The only pony i like is the one i get from Deathwing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostypwnd View Post
    killing /b/

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    What's that shit? This is the only My Little Pony I ever watched:

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    Oh! My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie! So much awesome in those little hoofies!

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    I bega u.
    Shadows are cruel.

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    Multiple accounts and spam are bad.

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