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    What's the easiest Spirit Beast to find?

    After a few days of camping Ghostcrawler for hours on end, I give up on ever taming this guy.

    What's the easiest Spirit Beast to find, if there is one?
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    Mostly harmless
    The bear one is okay at finding,it is only at one place and if it is not their it is not their.
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    Karoma imo, if that counts.

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    Go to northrend, its basically empty. Just check the spawnpoints from time to time and you should have your spirit beast very soon. I found Skoll the second time i checked in. Get an elite mob alert addon like silverdragon so you won't overlook anything.

    Heres a list of all beasts with their respective locations

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    Ghostcrawler is easiest. Remember he turns invisible every 10 seconds for 10 seconds then appears again. Ghostcrawler was my first and my only spirit beast thus far, despite camping all the ones in northrend since decemeber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indiglo View Post
    Karoma imo, if that counts.
    Oh really... A rare spawn in the centre of location filled with leveling toons, 10 yards away from arena, constantly swarmed with above mentioned toons, not to count people who fly by to dailies and gatherers. I think it's safe to assume there are slim chances that someone's NPC scan will ever trigger Karoma before yours.

    OT: I found GC at my first attempt, probably because noone else wanted to spend 5-15 minutes even AFTER scan alert looking for him

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    Skoll Imo. I was an Engineer and used my Wormhole to get to Northrend whenever I needed to, always passed by his Spawn, saw him like 5 times, tamed him once and got a few friends too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    The bear one is okay at finding,it is only at one place and if it is not their it is not their.
    their or there?

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    Ghostcrawler, for the simple fact that he's much more difficult(impossible?) to kill, thus only one class can take the spawn. Gondria would probably be second.

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    Arcturis is the easiest in my opinion. He spawns at one point and only one point in the Grizzly Foothills and seems to have a timer of about 6-8 hours. The only issue is you're bound to find a least some competition because of how easy he is, I know I did (he's my only Spirit Beast so far, but I REALLY want Skoll or Loque'nahak)

    Fun story: I actually found Loque'nahak at one point, but was only level 72 and couldn't tame it D:

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    Ghostcrawler would be the easiest to tame in my opinion.

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    I'd cast my vote for Gondria or Skoll.

    I have both.

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    There's always going to be a random element when camping anything with a long spawn time, but in general my money is on Ghostcrawler being the easiest over all. He's hard to kill and he's way the hell out in the middle of no where. There are no quests or anything in his spawn area so the only people likely to be back there are other people camping him.

    He's also the stupidest looking spirit beast (imo) making him the least popular. Most people it seems (myself included) would rather have Skoll or Loque'nahak or Karoma or something and only use Ghostcrawler as a last resort.

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    Zul'drak is always empty now, got him at random time, normally i tamed my spirit beasts early in the morning.
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    Ghostcrawler imo
    Only mob in that area (no quests there either) and its also barely visited by herbers/miners...
    And if you have animaltracking on its an easy mob to spot

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    I got Gondria the first time I looked for him/her. Loque took about half a year camping Sholazar, got him finally some days ago.
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    I would say gondria. I went searching for spirit beasts in NR, and got it the first day i went. Just fine the spawn locations and fly around NR, you're bound to find one pretty quick especially because there is like no one in NR anymore

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    arcturis is definatley the easiest.. 6 hour spawn cycle and one spawn point.. just south of amerpine lodge in grizzly hills

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    I just flew around Northrend twice a day checking the spawn locations for all spirit beasts there. Ended up getting the wolf (I forgot the name) after a few days. This was much preferrable to camping it for me, since it only takes like 15 minutes every day. I do have to say though, this was while I wasn't playing my hunter so I could just leave it in Northrend

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    Gondria and Ghostcrawler. Ghostcrawler cannot be killed, only tamed. Also there's no quests, very few herbs/mines by her spawn point, and the entire zone is generally not used for herb/mining unless by druids- who again..can't kill it. Gondria spawns in a zone where VERY few people go{I see her up all the time}. Arcturis seems to have the shorest spawn time of the rare spawns, but is in a bad place.

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