This is a frost PvP post where I and hopefully all of you can post any tips for frost pvp as it will be awesome next patch, and would great to see more frost dk's around, maybe even in arena.

Post any macro's that prove useful, tips against other classes, or timing of attacks, runeforging, reforging, to be honest what ever you want ^^

Macro's: For those changing from unholy, the macro's don't vary much. Only useful macro off the top of my head is a /cast 'whatever trinket you have'
/cast Pillar of Frost
This macro is great for burst and the trinket/pillar of frost share same cd. Make sure to use your trinket first so that the pillar of frost gains the extra 20% of that.

Tips: Try Hungering Cold on your target then bandaging yourself, or use hungering cold as a gap closer against range or even a interrupt as it has a short cd.
Don't be afraid to use your pet as it has a duration of 1 min and it still does decent damage, if you have the dark succor glyph it can easily make up for not sacrificing it.
Mobility is quite limited as frost so make sure to spec into reduction of Death Grip CD and the glyph for Death grip range.
In arena you can focus death grip whoever's on your partner + chains of ice for full imobilize, or wait for your opponents to pop cd's and then pop hungering cold.
Open with Outbreak for additional damage on obliterate.

Runeforging: I play as Dual Wield so for that I use rune of fallen crusader then either razorice or swordbreaking.

I don't want to go on, im interested to see what everyone else will post ^^

Thanks for reading, or even posting!