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    Gruul's not really soloable...I think.

    Me and a buddy even tried to 2-man it but its just hard (the first boss/es)

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    Quote Originally Posted by istheshiz View Post
    Gruul's not really soloable...I think.

    Me and a buddy even tried to 2-man it but its just hard (the first boss/es)
    I 2 manned it today Blood DK + Combat Rogue. We wiped only once but it helps to burst down the stupid warlock first since he chain fears to the max. Lock > Priest > Shaman > Mage > Warrior (Boss)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meowmeowk View Post
    Lady Vashj can't be solo'd due to the orb mechanic.
    Loot-a-rang works thus making Lady Vashj very much indeed soloable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myradral View Post
    Black Temple
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit
    Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern
    Gruul's Lair
    Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair
    Sunwell Plateau
    Tempest Keep: The Eye
    I have solo'd Zul'Aman, very easy (they hit like wet noodles)
    Gruul can be solo'd but HKM cannot. It is constant hex, fear, and the huge AoE heal.
    TK has been solo'd by a DK tank. Al'ar and Kael are the hardest to solo, VR and the other are easy.
    Mag can be solo'd if you can manage to interrupt the heals and/or stay alive with all the adds alive.
    Karazhan can be solo'd to chess as far as I know, never tried it but it looks to be really hard to solo.
    SWP cannot be solo'd and probably never will because of mechanics forbidding it (different portal phases, brutallus cleave, etc)
    I tried SSC today and got First boss to 20% first try but it was very hard as a hunter. I expect it is easier as a tank. I'd imagine that the fathom lord and vashj are unsoloable.
    Hyjal should be until kaz'rogal. You'll run out of mana entirely and has a steep enrage.
    BT you most likely cant get past the first boss because of the impaling spine. I imagine only other ones are the illidari council, gorefiend, and requilary (for mana classes).

    Shaman can't solo well because they are both squishy and have no reliable means to tank bosses and deal damage enough to kill it (you COULD earth shield + lightning bolt spam maybe). The heroics can be solo'd easily, mages can farm all of sethekk. Just bring another person and split the ridiculous gold you get.

    A DK tank has tanked almost everything, and I saw a druid today tank sapphiron so hey, anything's possible I guess

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    I have personally soloed Karazhan and most of ZA (Eagle boss got me). I haven't given Gruul's or Mag's Lair a try... I could imagine that I could solo Gruul, I could probably duo Mag, but I doubt I could solo it.

    Coilfang, Hyjal and BT can be trio'd, TK is tricky due to Kael's MC trick, so we've found four (one tank, one heals, two DPS) or five (with an extra dps) work well to push him through Phase Four faster.

    I doubt Sunwell could be soloed, possibly trio'd but I haven't tried.

    I can also solo most of the Wrath heroics, minus the ICC heroics. I haven't given any of the Wrath raids a solo attempt though.

    I'm a hunter, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninurta View Post
    i solo mags every week for the free 500g
    Until 4.1.
    85: Paladin | Druid | Shaman | Warlock | Death Knight | Mage | Hunter | Rogue | Warrior | Priest

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    Ive been soloing stuff on my paladin since WoTLK. One boss that annoys the crap out of me is Magtheridon, I have tried him countless times lately and he just randomly de-spawns...
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    So far I can solo Molten Core(full clear), Karazhan(up to self healing dragon), any TBC Heroic(Haven't done TK heroics, but they shouldnt be a problem), and most of the WOTLK Heroics as well(Haven't done em all, too tedious). I dont know if you still cant solo Blackwing Lair or not, havent tried or read about it, but I'd like to do that.

    I solo as Elemental, though I heard it was much easier as enhance for the instant healing and possibly better mana control and consistent damage.

    When I solo, I usually fail because of mechanics, not because of gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elite Peon View Post
    I just watched a video of a guy soloing Yogg-Saron as a blood death knight pretty much EVERYTHING can be solo'd all the way to ICC 10 content by the right player ...I remember watching a video during WOTLK xpac of a rogue soloing many bosses in naxxramas
    Not entirely true, because it's not just a question of numbers. Plenty of bosses have mechanics that make soloing them extremely difficult or impossible, the Four Horsemen in Naxx for example.

    Hell, Razorgore in Blackwing Lair is three expansions old now, but he is still impossible to solo (Unless there are some crazy tricks I'm not aware of) because of how the fight works.

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    Black Temple: Never tried i
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit: Its mostly soloable, but Winterchill is tricky without a healer because of DnD
    Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern: I do that every week with a dps to speed it up. Skip Vashj that takes a few people.
    Gruul's Lair: Gruul I do every week, but High King takes a dps to kill that lock.
    Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair: Mag is soloable, but he despawns sometimes with just one person.
    Karazhan: Easy except for Netherspite. Chess isn't bad to solo just activate the king and then use like mage to dps the other king quickly.
    Sunwell Plateau: Never tried
    Tempest Keep: The Eye: Also every week, but not Kael
    Zul'Aman: Cake
    I do all this as a Blood DK and bring almost any DPS for it
    Edit: Have recently done BT up to Reliquary of Souls need more practice on the kicks
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    I solo'd these as enhance shaman with pvp 4p bonus. Seems to be the only one in this thread that solo'd Kael

    Black Temple: Nvr tried
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit: Everything
    Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern:Everything except Vashj and Fathom Lord
    Gruul's Lair: Gruuls easily , HKM takes alot of tries with proper earth elemental and fire elemental positioning.
    Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair: Easily , put earth elemental at one channeler and go to the middle to pull 1 of the channeler when they run towards ur earth ele,kill then pull others off earth ele
    Karazhan: Everything except bane, im lazy to do attunement
    Sunwell Plateau: Nvr tried
    Tempest Keep: The Eye: Alar,Solarian and Kaelthas (Use raegwyn's strat,equip pvp trinket for disorient and make good use of legendary mace and shield. Got phoenix on 2nd solo kill) . Reaver is impossible due to shitty silence.
    Zul'Aman: Too easy

    EDIT* Archimonde might be harder since tremor has 1 min cd now cant rotate stoneclaw and tremor.
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    As a Blood DK I've soloed the following raid bosses

    SSC, all bosses except Vashj
    TK, all bosses except Kael'thas (it is possible but requires some luck)
    Gruul's Lair, full clear including Maulgar (You just have to pop all CDs, including Anti-Magic Shell right at the start and burn down the healer real quick, then the warlock and after that it's real easy, sometimes a wipe is unavoidable though if you don't get enough crits to bring the healer down before you're chain CCd)
    Naxxaramas, I've only tried Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad but more bosses should be possible.
    Blackwing Lair, Razorgore, Vael and Chromaggus can't be soloed by a deathknight. Maybe Chromaggus if you get real lucky with the afflictions but I doubt it.

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    BC content I have Soloed as Enhance:

    The Eye:
    Al'ar - I one-shot Al'ar my first time trying to solo it. Easiest way to counter the Flame Buffet when moving between platforms is to drop Stoneclaw (for the shield) when he moves, and to ghost wolf quickly to the next platform.

    Magtheridon's Lair:
    Easy solo, but, depending on your dps, can fall down to relying on lucky Windfury procs if you don't get at least 3 of the Channelers dead before Hero wears off.

    Soloing Magtheridon also nets an easy 500g (+ ~75 gold for vendoring the spoils) for hardly any effort required.

    Everything, even Netherspite, is easily soloed.

    Everything is easily soloed.

    Haven't given BT or Hyjal a try yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkelementz View Post
    Shaman can't solo well because they are both squishy and have no reliable means to tank bosses and deal damage enough to kill it (you COULD earth shield + lightning bolt spam maybe). The heroics can be solo'd easily, mages can farm all of sethekk. Just bring another person and split the ridiculous gold you get.
    Enhancement rage, wolves, stoneclaw totem glyph would like to have a word with you.

    About some of the previous comments. Maulgar is easily two-mannable, as long as you either have a good dps and a healer or two dps who can reliably self-heal.
    Lady Vashj can be done comfortably with 5 people. Not sure about 2, but perhaps with a different combo than we used (ret pally, resto shaman). 3 was doable, but quite hard since the warlock had to do the elementals and kite the striders on her own and this relied on me dropping earthbind for her which sometimes just couldn't happen.

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    I have so far soloed Maggy, Gruul and the boss before him, Kara (havent cleared chess event yet), ZA, 5 / 12 bosses in Naxx 10 man and loot reaver and the birdy in TK. Been trying to solo SSC but I dont manage to kill first boss so I dunno. But last week I manage to get around 3k from just solo old bosses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myradral View Post
    1Black Temple
    2Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit
    3Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern
    4Gruul's Lair
    5Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair
    7Sunwell Plateau
    8Tempest Keep: The Eye
    1 some bosses can be solo'd, haven't tried it on my shaman yet, have done some on my DK tho.
    2 This is tough and has shitty f'd up mechanics, I wouldn't try and solo this at the current state we're at.
    3 same goes here, I've solo'd some of the bosses, but others just aren't doable.
    4 The first boss is pretty tough and you gotta be lucky on RNG aswell. Gruul himself is very doable.
    5 I solo'd this at lvl 80 on my DK, and I'm doing this now aswell on my shaman, very easy 500g.
    6 Karazhan could be solo'd at level 80, this is just a faceroll at 85.
    7 Sunwell Plateau is let's say, DAMN hard with the trash they have, because of that I haven't tried it yet. Not on my DK or shaman.
    8 You can solo Al'ar, and the warlock lady, but the Mechanical dude is rough with his silence up time not yet doable, Kael is a challange I still have to go for. I've had him in p3 but didn't try long enough to go more than 2 tries..
    9 Zul'Aman was doable at lvl 80 already, it's a walk in the park at 85

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    I solo'd a few HM dungeons in BC last night - just as a warm-up. - and nothing gave me even a wiff of a problem.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I gotta' get in some of these dungeons and try some of the content before the gold whiffle bat comes out.


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    Mags is easy-peasy. Been hitting that up for a while for the gold till 4.1. The trash pulls were harder.

    Kara I soloed at 80.

    ZA I got damn near close to soloing at 80, needed some help in the end. Haven't tried recently.

    TK I've done Solarion and A'lar. A'lar was a bitch, had to save Feral Spirit for the platform moves. Wiped a few times, on the kill I was nearly dead.
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    All heroic TBC dungeons are soloable now by anyone with an ounce of intelligence about their class. Almost all reg wrath dungeons are soloable (icc 5 mans are the only exception). Kara is soloable as well as magtheridon if you can deal with the trash (mag himself is a pushover). My mate and I 2 man all of AQ40 (requires organization on twin emps and cthun, but its extremely fun once you figure it out).

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