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    Baseball is not a sport. Bowling and golf are activities.
    Everything about baseball is a sport!
    I kinda agree with some of the stuff, but baseball makes me skeptical.

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    Lacrosse can't make up what damn sport it is.
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    I never understood how competitive fishing is considered to be a sport.

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    rowing is easily the ultimate sport, requires endurance and massive amounts of strength, not to mention mental endurance ect.

    Boxing (how it used to be, instead of 2 round knockout crap) is physically demanding.

    I do debating at my school, I would hardly consider it a sport even though it requires you to beat the opposing team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowt View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Garots View Post
    Lacrosse can't make up what damn sport it is.
    And what reasons do you guys have?

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    you people need to go play baseball at a high level. the coordination and dexterity you need is quite high. you can't base it on the pick up game you play with you friends where everyone's so bad that all you end up doing is standing around getting sunburnt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowt View Post
    At first I saw that and thought, "Lol some guy messing around at an indoor cycling championship." Then I thought, "Wait? Why would they be on stationary bikes and not in a velodrome?" Then I saw links on the side for other videos of the Korean Indoor Cycling Gymnastic Championships. What is in the water in Korea?

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    Baseball. Not so much questioning it being a sport so much as I really hate the MLB. It's destroyed the game. :\
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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponchu View Post
    under this reasoning things that stress the body and require fitness but are not considered "sports"

    being an astronaut in a shuttle lauch
    flying a plane in the army
    being in the army (probs should specify being on active duty)
    going on certain rollercoasters
    etc etc
    There were also definitions like "requires skill" and "competing againts others" in the OP, and motorsports contains all that.

    If there was a sport of fighter pilots competing againts each other in a certain way I would call it a sport.

    I just picked up the physical part about motorsports, because that's what many clueless people say when they talk about motorsports. "How hard is to to turn a wheel, hehehehehee"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tussee View Post
    I'd bet that if you put world#1 female tennis player up against world #500 Male player, the male would still win the game.
    #500..rly? lol NO, top 25....probably, unless it's serena and she's on her game, then top 5, and even then she'd give them at least a good game

    OT: nascar always eluded me....but moreso people who watch nascar not the actual people doing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avar ize View Post
    football, running after a ball of leather kicking it into a fishing net... so stupid
    took me time to realize u meant soccer. agreed

    anyway, nascar/golf... and track. your running in an oval... whoopy. spoiler alert, the kenyan won
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    I can name many but two of the most popular that should never be considered a sport according to definition are: NASCAR and golf. At least golf takes some skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
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    nah jk ESPORTS is teh best and will always be a sport
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass0wnage View Post
    Taken from Wikipedia, as I know most people are too lazy to read or just don't care as they have their opinions. But:

    A sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. Activities such as card games and board games, are classified as "mind sports" and some are recognized as Olympic sports, requiring primarily mental skills and mental physical involvement. Non-competitive activities, for example as jogging or playing catch are usually classified as forms of recreation.
    Physical events such as scoring goals or crossing a line first often define the result of a sport. However, the degree of skill and performance in some sports such as diving, dressage and figure skating is judged according to well-defined criteria. This is in contrast with other judged activities such as beauty pageants and body building, where skill does not have to be shown and the criteria are not as well defined.
    This. One thousand times this.
    All the definitions I could see in this thread were completely flawed.
    And because apparently some people don't know yet, a normal human brain consumes a LOT of energy (up to 20% of the total) and mind exercise can be physically intensive, somehow.
    There's also endurance in those not-so-physical-games, you have to be 100% efficient 100% of the time and that demands a LOT of practice and strength.
    Many of you apparently think at their own casual level (or even better, an wow-nolifer standpoint, the kind of people who spend a hell lot of time doing sports.... on tv!), but think of it from an extreme-level standpoint where any little detail counts.

    No, ping-pong is not for kids, that's a really demanding sport. (olympics anyone ?
    No, badminton is not for women, that's a really demanding sport. (hell, ever seen it at the olympics again ?)
    No, horse-riding is not like sitting on a chair, not at all, it takes loads and loads of time to be average, and doing it at an extreme level is just as demanding as any other sport, just differently.
    No, golfing is not like walking in a park and randomly hitting the ball.
    etc, etc, etc.

    I hear that all the time, every single time those people don't have a clue what they're talking about. Really, you should try or at least inform you before talking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerby View Post
    There were also definitions like "requires skill" and "competing againts others" in the OP, and motorsports contains all that.

    If there was a sport of fighter pilots competing againts each other in a certain way I would call it a sport.

    I just picked up the physical part about motorsports, because that's what many clueless people say when they talk about motorsports. "How hard is to to turn a wheel, hehehehehee"
    motorsport, like horse riding, mostly comes down to how much money you have - if you have the fastest car its going to be a lot easier to win yeah?

    ps. I realize the drivers are sponsored and the cars are all very similar and whatnot im just being antagonistic

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    Anything with a W in front of it.

    WNBA for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papalenin View Post
    There's no doubt that 99% of people couldn't last a lap in any motorsport really. But a motorsport is a motorsport, not a sport. I myself am apart of the fledgling hovercraft racing scene, and what we do is definitely mentally and physically tough. But what separates us is that fact that we do not physically exert ourselves to put the vehicle in motion, the engine does. That's the distinction between a motorsport and a sport.
    That's a good point ofcourse, one of the few. It is true that the power that moves you itself doesn't exactly come out of your body, but things like steering and general control of the vehicle demand so much precision, fitness and balls that it would be ignorant to class it as "not a sport".

    Now if we want to start talking things with two different terms "motorsports" and "sports" then that's a different story I guess. But the "sport" in motorsport is still there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aitch View Post
    Endurance and physical activity don't necessarily have anything to do to the definition of the word sport. Smashing my face against a wall for 6 hours would be an impressive feat of endurance, but that doesn't make it a sport.
    But, if you do it with a friend, trying to be better at it than he/she is, then it would!
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