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    Cast Sequence Macro

    During BC (before we could drop all totems at once) I had a cast sequence macro for my totems. It would (with 4 hits of the key) drop each totem, using just one key. I also had the macro set on a timer so that when the key was hit four times the fifth hit would not work, but a sixth would redrop the first totem. Does anyone recall this macro? I think it was something like "/castsequence reset=10 strength of earth totem, grace of air totem, mana spring totem, searing totem" or something to that effect.

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    Why would you even want it? Makes no sense now that you can cast it all in one GCD.

    For the question tho, the one you posted should work, yes. (I think so anyway, still a macro newbie)

    Edit: Casting 4 totems takes 6 (If the GCD is 1.5 which I´m assuming) so that leaves 4 seconds until you can repeat the 'cycle'.

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    Take into consideration haste reduces Global Cooldown (With this formula "NewCastTime = BaseCastTime * ( ( 1 + HasteRating / ( RatingConversion * 100 ) ) ^ -1 )")

    Cap at 1 second though.

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    The point of my macro is purely to get the timer on the button. To give the impression of a cooldown. So it would be (more accurately) "/castsequence reset=290 strength of earth totem, searing totem," so on. I am not using this for totems, but other spells that have a duration and can only be on one target at a time (IE: bind elements, though again this is not my main purpose.) I am just wondering what the macro would be, and if it even still works, since the last time I used this it was during BC, in Zul'aman.

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    the number after the "reset=" would make the sequence reset to the beginning, if this butten has not been pressed for the said number of seconds. so to get this effect i'd add some more of a non-cd-spell to the end. alternatively you could try out reset=combat (resets at the start of combat - or nocombat for the end of the fight) or reset=target (resets at the aquisition of a new target or nocombat for loosing the target)

    and yes, they can be combined (e.g. reset=target, nocombat, 290)

    edit: for binding elements i'd use a focus-target, so even if the spell is cast before the old one wears off, the spell will refresh the cc.
    #showtooltip [@focus, exists][@player-target, exists]bind elements
    /cast [@focus, exists, nodead, harm][@player-target, exists, nodead, harm]bind elements
    /stopmacro [@focus, exists, nodead, harm]
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