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    Quote Originally Posted by JonTargaryen View Post
    A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin
    This, although your name is quite the spoiler... :P

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    Now we've branched onto Sci-Fi, anything by Peter F Hamilton:

    Greg Mandel Trilogy

    1. Mindstar Rising
    2. A Quantum Murder
    3. The Nano Flower

    The Night's Dawn Trilogy

    1. The Reality Dysfunction
    2. The Neutronium Alchemist
    3. The Naked God

    The Commonwealth Saga

    1. Pandora's Star
    2. Judas Unchained

    The Void Trilogy

    1. The Dreaming Void
    2. The Temporal Void
    3. The Evolutionary Void

    Other novels

    1. Fallen Dragon
    2. Misspent Youth

    And I know a lot of people have said so but 'Dune' I try and read it once a year it's that good.
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    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    Yes, was just going to write that. Song of Ice and fire. Definitely. Trust me, ive read A LOT of fantasy, and thats the best series ive read to date.

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    Hi there,

    I would recommend the following books.

    "Enders Game" was a nice one.

    "A Song of Ice and Fire" is really great, it's exciting and has great plot twists, so you can never say what happens next. The 4th book gets a little bit slower, it seems Martin doesn't know how to proceed exactly. The 5th (out of 7 planned) should be out in July this year.

    "The Demon Trilogy" from Peter V. Prett is nicely written and has a great setting. The idea behind the books is good. But, unfortunalety, there is no character depths in his books. Everybody in there turns their oppinions like leaves in a storm. Not really believable.

    "A Wheel of Time" starts great and gets stuck in the middle of the series. Much people like the middle parts too, but in my opinion there is not much happening in there und the story is stucked. The last three books takes up pace and are getting better again.

    "Otherland" is Si-Fi Fantasy with a great idea behind. It's also well written. But as most long series 3 books had been better then the 4 books in the end.

    What wasn't mentioned yet is the "Kingkiller Chronicle" from Patrick Rothfuss. It's a really nice story about stories I think. It's about a legend who tells his live to a someone who wants to write a book about it. I couldn't think of a genre for this book. In the end it's an coming of age story.

    Have fun with every book you choose :-)

    To make an ranking out of my suggestions.
    1. A Song of Ice and Fire (even with the slow pace in book 4, really, really great)
    2. Kingkiller Chronicle (very well written, believable and a good story)
    3. Enders game
    4. Otherland
    5. The Demon Trilogy
    6. Wheel of Time (if you like to get introduced to new characters only that Robert Jordan can describe the way the look and breathe over one full double-page. Slow pacing in the middle of the series)

    You can read some amazon ratings about the book everybody suggested here. If there are more den 20-30 ratings it's reliable most of the times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekhmet View Post
    Yes, was just going to write that. Song of Ice and fire. Definitely. Trust me, ive read A LOT of fantasy, and thats the best series ive read to date.
    Then you havent read enough, Song of ice and fire is a long way from an amazing series, it good, and definetly worth a read, but its VERY far from the best.

    Personally, right now, i'd say my favorite series would be the Percy Jackson series, and the new series "Heroes of Olympus", but that's only because i really like Greek Mythology, and its unique look on it.

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    Surprised no one has mentioned The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. Very dark, always interesting and a story to die for. Loved every single part of it. The first book is called The Way of Shadows, buy it if you see it somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorial View Post
    I am actually talking about the books I read, wich unfortunatly are the swedish translation

    They are named (and i will try to translate as best i can)

    1: The seeker
    2: The Wizards first rule
    3: The stone of tears
    4: The journey away from the mudfolk (or mudpeople, but that sounds even stupider)
    5: The palace of the prophets
    6: The cabal of blood? (i actually got no idea how to translate "församling" to english)
    7: The wizards fortress
    8: The revenge of the dreamwalker
    9: The tempel of the winds
    10: The message of the moon
    11: The three sounds? (another word wich i cannot translate "klangerna")
    12: The fires soul
    13: The stolen sword
    14: The faith of the fallen(or the "belief" of the fallen)
    15: The palace in Altur'rang
    16: Hole in the world
    17: The pillar of the creation
    18: The defenseless

    and there are more in the works of being translated to swedish, i'm sorry if i caused some confusion, but this is the way i've known the books, and that's how i referenced them.

    And its not the number of books that has caused the series to go completely insane, its the fact that he has been solidifying the fact that magic is a fundamental force of nature and then he just makes people who are completely impervius and unaffected to ALL types of magic, wich in this case would be to break the friggin rules of the world.

    Example: You have never disputed the fact of gravity existing right?, then what would you think if someone stepped in front of you and started walking into the air on "steps" of nothing, that is to break the very facts that make up our existence, wich is NOT good storytelling.
    I started, (well I read the 18 books in Swedish), then I couldnt stand waiting a few more years to finish the story and switched to English. As in many other book series, the English version is better. However I do agree that he could have made it a bit shorter, some of the books were a bit frustrating.
    Same thing with Wheel of time.

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    I love Terry Pratchett's books, anything from Discworld series is a win.
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    As Scifi has been mentioned i will add a couple, as they are among my favorite books:

    1. Consider Phlebas, Iain M. Banks. This book blew my mind away when i first read it 15 years ago, and it still amazes me. seminal sci-fi odyssey
    2. The Stars my Destination, Alfred Bester. Depite this being written in the 1950's, the concepts are unparalleled, and makes for a fantastic read even today. Frequently listed in the top 10 sci-fi novels of all time, yet relatively unknown.

    I have always been keen on fantasy too, but been disheartened by many a poor novel. Really happy to have found this thread, will get onto reading a few of the standout recommendations here. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Json_81 View Post
    I started, (well I read the 18 books in Swedish), then I couldnt stand waiting a few more years to finish the story and switched to English. As in many other book series, the English version is better. However I do agree that he could have made it a bit shorter, some of the books were a bit frustrating.
    Same thing with Wheel of time.
    Thing is, i dont hate the earlier books of the sword of truth, i just HATE the entire "there's people who break the entire world" thing they brought in, they spent so many books constantly talking about how magic is in everything, and then they bring in a "exception", that i might accept, but not an entire COUNTRY.

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    I bought the books from George RR Martin, A song of Ice and Fire, but have yet to read them. I had many people recommend it, like others in this thread.
    Currently reading the "Sword of Truth" series from Terry Goodkind, personally I really like these books and am hopefully soon starting on the 8th, so I can recommend you this as well. Like you, I also read His Dark Materials before I started on the Sword of Truth books and also like those books, the movie was a huge disappointment, but the books are good.

    Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind (

    * Wizard's First Rule
    * Stone of Tears
    * Blood of the Fold
    * Temple of the Winds
    * Soul of the Fire
    * Faith of the Fallen
    * The Pillars of Creation
    * Naked Empire
    * Chainfire
    * Phantom
    * Confessor
    * Debt of Bones
    * The Omen Machine (in the making)
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    How about the harry potter series?
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    Im quite shocked that Garth Nix havnt come up yet, he is one of my fev authors

    The Abhorsen Trio.
    * Sabriel
    * Lirael
    * Abhorsen
    * Clariel: the Lost Abhorsen (coming in 2012)

    The Seventh Tower series

    * 2000 The Fall
    * 2000 Castle
    * 2001 Aenir
    * 2001 Above the Veil
    * 2001 Into Battle
    * 2001 The Violet Keystone

    The Keys to the Kingdom series

    * 2003 Mister Monday
    * 2004 Grim Tuesday
    * 2005 Drowned Wednesday
    * 2006 Sir Thursday
    * 2007 Lady Friday
    * 2008 Superior Saturday
    * 2010 Lord Sunday

    He also made a more Sifi book which is named Shades Children
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    If you havent read the Drizzt Do'Urden series by R. A. Salvatore, then go begin, like now !

    Some of the best fantasy novels I've read.

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    No one thinks the Narnia books are good?

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    You should definitely check out Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I found books 6 and 7 to be a little slow and boring, but the series is still great.

    Also my favourite book of all time has to be Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon. Similar to The Stand by Stephen King.
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    There is a sticky (link in my sig) you can read instead of posting threads asking for books =)

    I believe you can find over hundred reccomendations in the "Good Books Megathread", topped with the most popular on the first page.

    And as always I reccomend reading "The Dark Tower" and "The Wheel of Time" series.

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    Death Gate Cycle series or anything else by Margrette Weise and Tracy Hickman

    Avoid Harry Potter and read up on Raistlan Majere Hes from the Dragon Lance series (hes the Wizard Voldermort was basiclly ripped off from and hes 100 times better)

    Can't Believe NOONE has mentioned the Drittz Do'Urden series by R.A. Salvatore without a doubt some of the best writing ever in Fantasy just make sure you read them in the Chronological order as the first books in the series are not the actual beginning to the story (you can find the list on Wiki)

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    Battle Royale by Koushun Takami.

    "A class of 42 junior high school students are taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are electronically collared, provided with weapons of varying potency, and sent out onto the island. If they are in the wrong part of the island at the wrong time, their collars will explode. If they band together to save themselves a collar will explode at random. If they try to escape from the island, they will be blown up. Their only chance for survival lies in killing their classmates. Criticized as violent exploitation when first published in Japan - where it then proceeded to become a runaway bestseller - Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the 21st century, and a potent story of politics and survival in a dog-eat-dog world."

    Then watch the movie
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