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    Your WoW characters have entered a mysterious portal in the Caverns of Time and have wound up in Real Life.

    With no daily quests or rare herbs to pick, what jobs would they get to make ends meet?

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    I'd sell ports. Instant arrival and departure times, who'd turn that down?

    But if they couldn't use magic, I guess my mage would use her tailoring and cooking skills to some benefit.

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    I would grab 5 friends, set up a summoning stone in a major tourist location, and profit. I would have a second warlock employed so that they get ported back afterwards as well.
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    In my ears it basicaly translates to this:
    Q: Hi, are you aware that warlock survivability in PvP is shit?
    A: Yes, I am aware of that but dont worry. I know that SP's have way better survivability than you but once we nerf them to the ground you will both be crap and then you wont have to whine about it.

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