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    [Priest] PoV Raiding Videos

    Now updated for Firelands, I will no longer add to the final Heroic bosses that are left listed from patch 4.1. This is firstly, because there will be little call for them, but also, I want them to be a tip of the hat to those who have completed the content and not undermined with those who complete it in the next contents gear.

    Please feel free to critique, but keep things nice and post further links to your videos and I will update this post with them. Also, please post links to your videos, not your channel, it makes much more work for me. Please also state if its a Shadow video or Holy/Disc with the new layout, it will help me alot.

    Shadow PoV's Normal Difficulty

    -Beth'tilac: Go Defensive (25) Lux (25) First Try (10) BNW (9)
    -Lord Rhyolith: Go Defensive (25) First Try (10) Lux (10)
    -Alysrazor: Go Defensive (25) Blue Label (25) Lowered Expectations (10) Lux (10)
    -Shannox: Lux (25) Measure of Faith (25) Silver Storm (10)
    -Baleroc: Go Defensive (25) Blue Label (25) Lux (25) Lowered Expectations (10) Juggernaut (10)
    -Majordomo Staghelm: Go Defensive (25) Blue Label (25) Myth (25) Lowered Expectations (10) Juggernaut (10) Lux (10)
    -Ragnaros: Go Defensive (25) The Machine (10) Lowered Expectations (10) Juggernaut (10) Lux (10) Animus (10)

    Shadow PoV's Heroic Difficulty

    -Beth'tilac: Vigil (25H) Cráb People (25H) Method (25H) The Machine (10H)
    -Lord Rhyolith: Go Defensive (25H) Vigil (25H) Myth (25H) Cráb People (25H) Method (25H) Lux (25H) The Machine (10H) Animus (10H)
    -Alysrazor: Vigil (25H) Method (25H) Blue Label (25H) Unhuman (10H)
    -Shannox: Out of Line (25H) Myth (25H) Lux (25H) Blue Label (25H) Method (25H) Lux (25H) Animus Velen (10H)
    -Baleroc: Vigil (25H) Cráb People (25H) Method (25H) Aquila (25H) Unhuman (10H)
    -Majordomo Staghelm: Vigil (25H) Method (25H) Cráb People (25H) Blue Label (25H) Unhuman (10H)
    -Ragnaros: Vigil - Part 1 (25H) Vigil - Part 2 (25H) Method (25H)

    Blackwing Descent:
    -Nefarion: Draama (25H) Shai Hulud (25H) Gambit (25H) The Machine (10H) Tactical Disaster (10H)

    Bastion of Twilight:
    -Cho'gall: Draama (25H) Shai Hulud (25H)
    -Sinestra: Flawless (25H)

    Throne of Four Winds:
    -Al'Akir: Draama (25H) The Machine (10H) Reminence (10H)

    Holy/Disc PoV's Normal Difficulty

    -Beth'tilac: Security (25) Unhuman (10) Seraphim (10)
    -Lord Rhyolith: Kami & Co (25) Odyssey (25) Unhuman (10) Seraphim (10)
    -Alysrazor: Brethren (25) Odyssey (25) Kami & Co (25) Unhuman (10) No Way (10)
    -Shannox: Brethren (25) Odyssey (25) Seraphim (10)
    -Baleroc: Kami & Co (25) Unhuman (10) Seraphim (10)
    -Majordomo Staghelm: Security (25) Brethren (25) Unhuman (10)
    -Ragnaros: Brethren (25) Kami & Co (25) Flying Hellfish (25) Ordo ad Chao (10) Unhuman (10) None Twinks (10)

    Holy/Disc PoV's Heroic Difficulty

    -Beth'tilac: Security (25H) No Chicks Allowed (25H) Legends Never Die (25H) Myth (25H) Brethren (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Divide (25H) Flying Hellfish (25H)
    Ordo ad Chao (10H)
    -Lord Rhyolith: No Chicks Allowed (25H) Security (25H) Legends Never Die (25H) Brethren (25H) Kami & Co (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Flying Hellfish (25H) Unhuman (10H) No Way (10H)
    -Alysrazor: Security (25H) No Chicks Allowed (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Flying Hellfish (25H) Brethren (25H) Ordo ad Chao (10H)
    -Shannox: No Chicks Allowed (25H) Security (25H) Brethren (25H) Kami & co (25H) Cry Havoc (10H) Unhuman (10H) First Try (10H) No Way (10H)
    -Baleroc: Security (25H) No Chicks Allowed (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Brethren (25H) Flying Hellfish (25H) Dominus Aurora (10H)
    -Majordomo Staghelm: Apex (25H) Security (25H) No Chicks Allowed (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Brethren (25H) Flying Hellfish (25H) Ordo ad Chao (10H)
    -Ragnaros: Security (25H) Excessive Gaming (25H) Shadow Ryders (10H)

    Blackwing Descent:
    -Nefarion: Onslaught (25H) LNPT (25H) Quantum (10H) Cry Havoc (10H)

    Bastion of Twilight:
    -Cho'gall: Aquila (25H) Union (10H)
    -Sinestra: Odyssey (25H) Edge of Garona (25H) Brethren (25H)

    Throne of Four Winds:
    -Al'Akir: Security Gaming (25H) Brethren (25H) Eleven (10H) Quantum (10H)


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    Offtopic... are you the famous Grubby from Warcraft III? The best orc (and maybe Wc3) player ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarc View Post
    Offtopic... are you the famous Grubby from Warcraft III? The best orc (and maybe Wc3) player ever?
    Sadly not, picked the name at random and spent the next 5yrs being asked that every few months!
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    Disco priest PoV Rhyolith 10man heroic... 9 manned. (inexplicably we still 3 healed it)

    We have a recruiting problem and it sucks big time.

    Excuse the broken ui (boss frame bottom right corner is utterly borked). It's literally been thrown together over the weekend.

    Also, watch the healing meter at the end, where the druid goes from 3rd on healing to 1st just by casting tranquillity

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    Hey priesties. I got a couple of Dragon Soul vids for you guys that want to get a little preview of whats to come. I have tested more bosses, but I didn't record them all sorry.

    Morchok 10 Heroic

    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 10 Normal

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    Morchok 10 Man Normal
    Holy Priest PoV

    Watch in 1080p. [COLOR="red"]

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-30 at 12:19 PM ----------

    Warlord Zon'ozz 10 man Normal
    Holy priest

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-30 at 02:14 PM ----------

    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 10 Man normal
    Holy Priest PoV

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    Hagara the Stormbinder 10 man Normal
    Holy Priest PoV

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    SPriest PoV

    Heroic Ragnaros 10 (WoL Rank 12, 6th Spriest - 36.5k in this vid. Our 6th kill I think)

    Holy/Disc Priest PoV - (Not me, but the other priest in our raid)



    Zon'Ozz (+Achieve and fail tank start >.> I had to use my boots to run and get the first orb so we wouldn't wipe. QQ)


    Ultraxion (+ Achieve)

    Warmaster Blackhorn (+Almost Achieve, missed one I think)

    Spine of Deathwing (+Achieve)

    Will update with our MoD kill when he gets around to uploading it :P
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    So I went ahead and purged the 4.2 posts for a much smaller thread, but I'm not sure that Grubby's still around or what he wants to do with this. If next week rolls by, I might start up a PoV thread for the heroic kills.

    I just wouldn't want to take anything away from what Grubby worked to set up.
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    Ultraxion 10 man Disc PoV

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    Madness 10 normal (disc)
    The wildest priest in the world.

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    Warmaster Blackhorn 10 man normal
    Holy priest poV

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    Spine and Madness wiping on 25 man @ Holy :P

    Go to 1:02:00 for madness kill
    Pixeled Returned! Holy Priest

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    I only recorded a video for Madness of Deathwing so far

    Blue Label Guild 25man
    POV: Shadow Priest

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    Madness of Deathwing - 10 man raid - Discipline A/A spec POV

    I got some other videos from Dragon Soul too if you want to check them out.

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    Madness of Deathwing 10 man Shadow Priest PoV

    Not my best performance but what can you do when you had no PTR testing.
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    Spine of deathwing Holy Priest PoV

    watch in 1080p
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    I'd like to post a reminder that I will be uploading shadow priest perspectives of every heroic encounter in dragon soul just like I did for firelands as quickly as I can. Depending on how efficiently bosses go down and how long it takes me to pick a song for any given video they should be up by the morning following a kill.

    I'm also in the process of uploading blood legion's personal stream of the blizzcon live raid for anyone interested in watching it. I'm really only uploading it to have it saved there for whenever I want to watch it but you're free to do so as well!

    Best of luck to everyone in dragon soul.

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    Madness of Deathwing 10 Normal Holy PoV
    Watch in 1080p!

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    Spine of Deathwing 25 Man

    Available up to 1080 HD quality

    Yes , the video does go blank for like 5 seconds at one point. No clue why XD
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