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    I do the videos for our guild. Our first kills of each boss are at

    I'm usually holy, though there are a few HM Firelands kills I was disc or shadow. My guild is 10 man and fairly casual, but I'll upload as we kill stuff. I've got everything but Madness of Deathwing posted up there so far (so 7/8).

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    Dragon Soul: Hagara the Stormblind - Shadow Priest PoV

    Dragon Soul: Ultraxion - Shadow Priest PoV

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    Sigh, Morchok and Zon'ozz dead and I forgot to turn on fraps. Oh well, starting to record now! Those two bosses will have to wait until tomorrow.

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    Dear Nadrii, dear Denae, allow me to point you to something in the original post here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Grubby
    Please feel free to critique, but keep things nice and post further links to your videos and I will update this post with them. Also, please post links to your videos, not your channel, it makes much more work for me. Please also state if its a Shadow video or Holy/Disc with the new layout, it will help me alot.
    I'm not sure if Grubby fell into the gap between worlds or not, but if so in the next couple days I'm willing to put up a new thread here (whether it's my own, or preferrably someone else who has time to shine? ).
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    10 Man Heroic Morchok - Holy PoV

    watch in 1080p

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    Heroic Morchok - Spriest PoV - TFA of Bronzebeard

    Fun fight as shadow

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    What is the name of that dot timer and orb display addon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whippo View Post
    What is the name of that dot timer and orb display addon?
    I assume you're talking to me :P

    Dot Timer is EventHorizon. Orb Display is just PowerAuras

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    Fight: Heroic Morchok 25M
    Guild: Blue Label
    POV: Shadow Priest

    Had to turn off a lot of addons just to be able to have my FPS at a comfortable level (above 10)

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    Heroic Morchok - Spriest PoV

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    Heroic Morchok 25 - Disc:

    Heroic Zon'ozz 25 - Holy:

    All my videos are recorded without background music, and with just Ventrilo.
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    Morchok (heroic of course) video being rendered as we speak

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    Morchok 25 Man Heroic (Holy):

    Warlord Zon'ozz 25 Man Heroic (Holy):

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    Aquila vs Warlord Zon'ozz 25man heroic
    Shadow pov

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    Yor'Sahj Heroic 10 man

    My worst performance yet probably. But a first kill is a first kill. 10 man Yor'Sahj is easy, really.

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    Heroic Yor'sahj 10 man - Shadow PoV

    yeah ariadne once your healers learn how to smart heal whack-a-mole its pretty easy

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    Warlord Zon'ozz 25-man Heroic by Flawless - Remota (Holy) POV

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    Heroic Ultraxion 25 - Shadow

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    Kelesti can't you just edit the op?

    Heroic Hagara 10man - Shadow PoV

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    Hey all, really really sorry for not updating the first post but I have lots going on irl atm. I will sit down and go through it tomorrow and update it and will try to stay on top of it.

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