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    What arm do you wear your watch on?

    As it says in the title. Left, right? Or do you no longer use a watch and use your phone / smartphone / whatever?

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    I live timeless. I have no watch nor a calendar. I never know what time of day it is or which year we live in! Well.. which day we have. Sunday? Monday? I don't care, really..

    When I had a watch it was on my left arm, since I'm right handed and the extra inertia from it was bugging me. It also hurt during essays etc.
    I use my PC clock or a clock that is put up somewhere or I check my cellphone. Often, there is no way to tell time so I just ask my body and it's mostly right +-20minutes or I check the sun which also works great.

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    I thought the only people who used wristwatches (since about 1998 or so) were rich guys trying to show off how they can afford expensive man-jewelery...

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    I don't wear a watch since the time I've bought a mobile phone, so it's like 8 years. But used to wear it on right hand(using left hand to write).
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    Watches tend to be designed to be worn on the Left wrist - the little dial on the side that allows you to set the watch indicates this by giving itself easy access to the right hand from the left Wrist.

    This is because most people are right handed, and writing and other such tasks taken up by your main hand can be complicated by having something that could snag or drag or generally get in the way of what you're doing.
    That's how watches are designed, I'm sure if you looked online for "left handed watches" you could find them.
    I wear mine on the left, because I'm right handed.

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    I'd never conisdered the dial thing before, I just kinda got used to taking my watch off to adjust it. The more you know

    Right handed, watch on right, yes, I'm odd. Usually take it off when I'm at a computer though.

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    Right hand regardless what side they are designed for....

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    I thought it was similiar to coats D:?
    Men wear them on the right, Women on the left?

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    None, i have a passion to break/loose watches :P

    But i used to wear them left, cause my right hand is usually more busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mludd View Post
    I thought the only people who used wristwatches (since about 1998 or so) were rich guys trying to show off how they can afford expensive man-jewelery...
    women wear watches too, you know? and why 1998? was there some kind of big wristwatch revolution?

    anyway, left

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    Right arm, left handed, i only take it off for long periods of office work.

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    used to wear on left.. now i dont wear anymore

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    muh right arm 'cause i be left handed
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    The Patient
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    mobile,in my pocket,so no watch

    but used to wear it on my left

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    I don't wear a watch, but I do wear a I <3 Boobies bracelet on my left wrist. I check time with my smartphone (:

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    Left hand. I love watches. With the proper clothes, watches are a perfect combination for a well finished smart look.
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    (You can wear it on your right arm? ;o)

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    When ive got my watch on, its my right hand, i know people say girls do that, but its more conveniant for me, since my right hand is almost always in my pocket.

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    Left, whenever I happen to use one. I usually use my phone or similar to keep track of time.
    I wish I had one of those pocket-watches on a chain though.

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