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    If you're right handed, the "correct" way to wear your watch is on your left wrist. If you're left handed, on your right wrist. The same principle applies to a lot of things. Weaponry is the best example, for instance, you wear a sword on your left hip if you're right handed. Makes for a more fluid exit of the weapon (especially with guns. I always floundered with my pistols if I wore it on my right hip). But it also applies to pocket watches, etc.

    The reason being has a lot to do with comfort. A watch is a huge pain in the ass when you're trying to write.

    But yeah, I wear it on my left wrist. :P
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    for some reason i find wearing a watch uncomfortable no matter which arm it is on, i have tried many but they tend to get in the way when you write or when you are using the mouse or maybe even a keyboard it's like it is wanting to carve a grand canyon in your arm

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    I haven't used a watch for a few years, instead I use my phone to see the time. Or my computer, where I spend most of the day anyway. But back when I used my watch, I always had it on my right wrist. It felt much better there than on the left, even though I'm right-handed.

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    left arm, left handed. been told that's unusual, but it just feels unnatural to put it on the other arm...
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    Ah yeah...

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    I have not once worn a watch a day in my life.

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    left hand like most ppl heh

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