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    Mine's average i guess.

    DL - 13.31 Mb/s
    UL - 8.26 Mb/s

    Ping - 237ms
    System Specs -
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    Isn't the only important part of your connection actually Ping (ms) ?
    Which isn't affected by your net speed but by your ISP ?
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    It's mainly just a average bandwidth i'm looking at. MMOC's userbase is all over the place. I'm just curious to see speeds outside of where I'm at.

    Could you guys post the price you pay as well when you post?

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    Not allowed to post links yet

    while still under firewall blocks from school - lets have a funny look later too then


    There we go, alot better
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebthet View Post
    perhaps this is the best italian connection, paying 94€ monthly, which is about 130$ ._.
    Nah, new best should be 100/10, even if I get 50/10 :-(

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    Mine is such jokes, ISP is really playing up atm.

    And Ireland supposedly have 4th or 5th best internet in the world.. Well I'm not fucking seeing it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLaZeDRas View Post
    "not UK speeds"????, Uk's infrastructure is TERRIBLE. pseudo-fibre (vDSL, to the cabinet, copper to the streets) is not available for a huge portion of the UK still. Where it is widely avaliable there is only one provider (virgin), then there are a few other cabinets that offer BT's vDSL product.

    If you want to compare you're net to "a better one" try south korea or Japan :P
    This - Couldnt get past 10-20 kb's YES kb's/s in my old house even if i payed for 20mb. Cables are just plain awful for most the UK

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    My awesome net FUCK YOU BT switching to virgin soon

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    10/10 works for me

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    Heres my result pinging Paris where the wow servers are

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    "slower than 87%..."

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    BrB moving to fking finland... Here in australia currently paying $50 a month for 19Mbps down and less then 1 Mbps up with like over 300 ping to the US WoW servers

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    DL : 9.78 Mb/s
    UL : 0.86 Mb/s
    Ping : 7 ms

    Don't need more really, i got this deal because it came with a 100 GB download limit. which i don't use entirely, but it's better than the basic 20 GB for the lower deal

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    ~30 euros a month for that. Sucks living in a small town where a crappy company runs a ISP monopoly.

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    This ones from quite a while ago

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    can't post links.

    24.91 down
    0.49 up

    Yay for shitty US cable companies. Living 10 miles from the home office of said cable company.

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    Slowre than 92% of ES, yay

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