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    [Priest] Important Threads & Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

    Our last one of these was horribly out of date, so it's time to clean house and start anew.

    Hi! Welcome to the Priest boards, your one stop shop for... stuff.

    Let's get started.

    Most of the rules we have here are simply extensions of the "Don't be an asshat" typical forum rules, so I didn't think they were worth copying down and bringing over. This one needs to be reiterated though:
    "Spec" Trolling
    This will get you banned. So long as both specs are viable (Viable, not necessarily optimum), if someone is asking "How can I do this fight as <spec>" and looking for tips, tricks, or a couple talents to shift, answer in the context. I didn't tolerate "spec disc lolz" for Wrath, I won't tolerate "spec Holy" as an answer to Disc questions, now, or vice versa.

    12.5% "haste-cap" or "haste vs mastery":
    See below.

    Regen Trinkets done by Kalmah.

    Priest PoV Raiding Videos

    UI threads:
    Your Priest UI (shadow)
    Your Priest UI (healing)
    iLive went out to try and make some conglomerate UI threads, and I thought we should keep these here

    So there we go! Hope I didn't miss anything.
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    Regarding the "12.5% haste cap"
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeuq
    6) And also, try to achieve 12.5% haste. If you plan to run raids with either boomkin, spriest or shaman willing to pop +5% haste totem, you can get just 7.5% and then go for mastery. Otherwise, just reforge to get to that 12.5%, it helps a lot.
    Most of what you said is fine, but this is flat wrong, and I wish people would stop saying this. First of all, Haste is multiplicative, not additive. If you have 3/3 Darkness and the 5% Haste buff, you only need 4.022% Haste (or 516 Haste Rating) to achieve 12.5% raid buffed, not 7.5%.

    Second, and more importantly, going straight Mastery past that point is BAD advice, and this is from someone who generally prefers Mastery to Haste. The usefulness of the two stats at that point is pretty close to even and their value depends upon whether you're raiding 10s or 25s, what your role is, your mana situation, and even the specific fight. For instance, if you're working on Chimaeron, Mastery is borderline useless and Haste is extremely valuable; on a fight like Cho'gall, where there is plenty of time to top off and the healing intense portion is constant increasing damage, I find Mastery very useful and Haste rather meh. In fact, if one is struggling to heal up Caustic Slime targets on Chimaeron, or going OOM on Cho'gall as progression fights, some reforging for one or the other is a consideration.

    In short, there is no flat single gearing method and seeing this advice thrown around on the Priest forum constantly ignores the other benefits of Haste because adding a tick to Renew which, btw, shouldn't be a significant enough portion of your healing to make that plateau as significant as that advice implies. In most encounters, your top heals will be PoH, CoH, and PoM, all of which benefit from the faster GCD, and PoH specifically benefits from faster casts too. It is this ability to pump out faster heals when needed most that makes Haste valuable.
    Dead horse is dead. Future "discussions" bringing up the "mastery after 12.5%" will be locked, without warning. The haste-cap of 8.3523562359% for whatever reason, or 25% for 2 second casts, or any other random number, is fair game. 12.5% is done. Five months is enough of this crap, we're sick of it.
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