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    Why do people that smoke weed feel the constant need to tell you they smoke weed?

    Title pretty much says it all. Why do people that smoke weed feel the constant need to tell you they smoke weed? It seems that every other PUG I get into, someone makes some sort of "OMG I'm so high dude." or "sec I'm hitting a joint." statement. Guild chat, same thing with weed smokers. Trade chat, same thing.

    Good for you man. You smoke weed. Do you want a medal or something? You're the first person in the entire world to do this, I'm sure. Let's all stop and bask in your glory because you're so amazingly cool. What are you possibly trying to accomplish by telling me you're smoking weed? Are we all supposed to just stop playing and start talking about how great smoking weed is?

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    Because half the fun of smoking weed is that doing it is "fighting against THE MAN". They think it makes them cool and it makes them feel even cooler when they share it with others. In a society of inactive slackers that are generally uninspired, there isn't much else to get the feeling of rebellion from.

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    not a smoker but drinkers tell people they drink all the time aswell.

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    there ist only one reason :>
    they are thinking smoking is so cool they must tell everyone.... thats also the #1 reason for starting smoke pot

    dont get me wrong, smoke what you want.... but smoking pot is like smoking cigarettes -> looks only cool in some movies

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    because they smoke weed?

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    Because it's "cool" to smoke weed.
    These people just need attention

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    Why do weed smokers always try to tell me it makes them smarter? Cause I'm pretty sure starting it is dumb...
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    Make you sparkle in the sun and gives you super strength, also changes your name to <insert name> Cullen. Bite someone.

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    Probably the same reason why gay people tell everyone they meet online that they are gay. They want attention and being a minority makes them feel cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyanide View Post
    sounds like someone's a little jelly that mommy won't let them smoke ;[
    Welcome to MMO-champion.

    No tobacco, no weed, sXe and soccer moms.
    Quote Originally Posted by Negridoom
    No. After the Cataclysm there will be an expansion for the zerg, and then an expansion for the protoss.

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    grown (wo)men that smoke weed, do not feel the need to tell the world they do.
    "Cool kids" always feel the need to tell everyone and their grandmother that they do something cool (hence fb is so popular)
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    On some parts, you've got to look at the humoristic part. Like: "Invites will start soon" "Oh, then i'll hit the bong". That's in it's own stupid way fun.

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    Well does everyone you meet tell you they smoke weed?

    Weed-smokers is after all about 60% of people above the age of 16 in Europe and America.

    Yes yes, some have only tried it once or twice and all that

    Apart from that we all need our confidence boosters, ways of feeling wicked etc.

    To me its kinda the same as people who tell you have many celebrities they know...

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    because they are high?
    Quote Originally Posted by fishface
    Sounds like someone was so insecure, they felt immasculated by an anonymous persons virtual representation.* ???
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    ...everyone in that guild is a top-tuned Dorrito-Pee-bottle raider.

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    Posturing is always gonna be part of the human psyche. For some it's a validation of their choice, for others they're getting their moneys worth for having access to 'bragging rights'.

    Personally, I think it's dumb, and if you tell me you smoke weed my opinion of you will fall through the floor

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    You realize that a large amount of weedsmokers don't say shit about them smoking and because of that you don't know they are smoking? Your topic only counts those you know smokes because they tell you all the time, while those smoking and not telling aren't included. I'm pretty sure most of the people you know smoking it, you don't even know does smoke. At least that's how it is around here, I don't know most people smokes until they offer me(and I politely decline as I didn't feel shit the 5-6 times I tried).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirelurk View Post
    because they are high?
    Most of the time in my experience the person will tell you that he is going to smoke weed, so no, he is not high yet. He just insists on telling me, like I care lol.

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    Because it's social. Don't misunderstand, I think it's dumb when people go like: "Dude!! I'm so high right now!!", but yeah it's social and it can start conversations like: "Dude, me too!!" "Dude!" "DUDE!". That and because it's not legal in most countries, it's more "exciting" to do. That's what I think.

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    Why do people with children always mention their little brats (unless they're single mothers trying to spring it on an unsuspecting guy after six or seven dates)? Why do recently-engaged people say the word fiancee at every opportunity they can? Why do fat girls with huge boobs always talk about their boobs?

    It's all for the same reason... People brag about things that they think set them apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uroboros View Post
    Why do weed smokers always try to tell me it makes them smarter? Cause I'm pretty sure starting it is dumb...
    Lol, been smoking weed heavily for many years. I would disagree that it makes one smarter. It does screw with a persons memory though. I take a couple weeks off twice a year just to flush out, and refresh the mind.

    I smoke because its way better than the drugs my doctor puts me on.

    But I rarely mention my smoking in game unless I'm chatting with someone I know. my guess is those are mostly kids mentioning there smoking, and chances are half of them are lying about it anyways.

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    only ppl that aint dutch feel the need to say it in a chat channel

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