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    [Movies] Rango

    Did anyone see this movie? I thought it was pretty good. It was a great tribute to the old westerns, specifically the man with no name. The CGI in this movie is by far the best I've ever seen in an animated film. The music was also great. I have a soft spot for good western music.

    The movie isn't much of a kids movie though. The animals can look pretty disturbing. It would be considered slow for a kids movie also, and the jokes are usually pretty mature and fly right over them.

    Great movie though.

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    Went on private premier with my school .... I actually laughed and found it fun to watch. never the less kinda bad storyline but good tho

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    I saw this opening night, it was pretty damn good, I loved every second of it. However, I am disappointed that Bill Nighy had such a light role D:

    Best part was the beginning with Rango in Johnny Depp's car from Fear and Loathing

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    This is a pretty cool movie. The whole movie is brilliant. I had enjoyed this movie with my friends and had spent a lot of time with fun and humor.

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    I saw this movie today, it was pretty cool, and i fucking loved the music in it!

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