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    LF Font

    Hey, does anyone know a font like the one used in Disturbed's latest album "Asylum" (I'm unable to post links)
    One that I could use in Photoshop. Cheers

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    ^ lots of free typefaces there

    From a designer standpoint: Be careful with typefaces like the one used in the Disturbed album you're talking about. Those kinds of typefaces are really only good for use as callouts or titles and whatnot. Don't go writing a paragraph of copy in a distressed typeface like that - because no one will be able to read it.

    Enjoy and GL with whatever you're creating.

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    4,764 - Disturbed Asylum font.. Wait no, this ones Indestructible I think, I'll try to find the Asylum one. - This is the original font, unfortunately they had shopped their Disturbed text for the album, so you're on your own.
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    Thanks guys, Ill have ago at trying to recreate what they have done
    Cheers again

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