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    Charlie Sheen vs Gary Busey

    short sweet topic, which one do you think is craziest at the moument

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    Charlie Sheen isnt crazy, hes brilliant.
    He just lost his gig on 2 and a half men. So he rants a little and now everyone wants a piece of the sheenster.

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    At the moment? Charlie Sheen without a doubt. Let's be honest Busey hasn't been a heavily talked about mess for a few years. And by mess I mean drug addled crazy man that is always in the news. Comparing Sheen's best moments(basically now) alongside Busey's, I would say it's a close game. Sheen has a small advantage because he had a current hit show, and internet coverage blew up since this all began. Busey had coverage, but I wouldn't say the internet was as crucial a factor.

    BTW this means Charlie guessed it...WINNING DUH!

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    I kinda feel bad about making fun of Charlie Sheen. At first It seemed funny, now it feels like I am watching a slow motion train wreck and laughing at it makes me feel like an asshole.
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    I don't even know who the other guy is.... sheen all the way.

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    Gary Busey, Sheen is just super freaking manic right now. Bipolar people need meds, just sayin. If I had to hand Sheen or Busey a gun then I'd pick Sheen every time, I think Busey might be insulted by my fear and shoot me in the chest.

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    Clearly at the moment Charlie would be the obvious winner. However if we look at them on even ground it's very difficult...I think Gary is actually more insane (Gary is also mostly drugs talking...ok always), and Gary will always be the more insane looking of the two. That face'll give even the strongest of men nightmares...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Resistence View Post
    Again, Brilliant not crazy.

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    Gary Bussey is eccentric. Sheen is on a manic episode that they will use to describe the condition in future text books. Bussey does no harm to himself or others. Sheen is just flat out dangerous right now. Celebrities are well known for bi-polar disorder, as are most creative types. However, this manic episode that Charlie is going through is just monumental. Never before have we had such a gleaming case of mania in such public view.

    - Crazy is extremely subjective. Periods of mania are considered to be all but essential to those affected. Manic episodes have led to god only knows how many great innovations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    Again, Brilliant not crazy.
    YUP. Hes had some amazingly insighful quotes among the nutty stuff.
    I feel bad that he seems without real help but he also impresses me. I haven't seen such unappologetic ego and brilliant madness in a long long time.
    reminds me of Hunter S Tompson in a way.
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    Gary Busey > Charlie Sheen, but Sheen may be a better warlock than Busey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bludstorm View Post
    I kinda feel bad about making fun of Charlie Sheen. At first It seemed funny, now it feels like I am watching a slow motion train wreck and laughing at it makes me feel like an asshole.
    This a million times, but was hilarious. It almost makes me wonder if he plays WoW and thinks that it's all real...

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    Charlie is Obviously Bi-Winning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enhshamanlol View Post
    cant get sound to work FFFFFFFFFFFF

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