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    Can we get a screen of Rag from the "proper" perspective, Bibi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivyan View Post
    seems to me we'll be back at the welfare epics from wotlk - why would you even get exalted or bet expensive crafting epics when u can just steamroll through ZA/ZG ?

    gg blizz
    stop bitching,.wow players are the biggest bunch of whiners in the world. go do some hard modes if you want to be better geared than newer people. I duno about all you whiney brats, but I prefer to be able to get my alts ready for raiding fast.

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    Uh blizzard please put spirit on the non-hit items kthx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danzoo View Post
    Strength One Handers at 2.1 Speed.
    No Warrior DpS Ranged weapon. I realise that it's difficult as that Warrior Ranged Weapon would only be beneficial to one class, but make it so it'll be good for Tanks too. Master / Expertise or Mastery / Hit would be good, or even Expertise / Hit. But hey ho.
    I hope that's just a mistake and not the final implementation of those weapons. The tank weapon is 2.1 speed too. Maybe a possible return to faster tank weapons?

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    did i miss the agi 2 hand wepaon, or is there just no one? ... wow 1 epic weapon beyond ilevel 346... why do the plate ones get tons of weapons all the time?

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    I wondered about the lack of a Hunter(etc) 2H. I guess it is in there but not mined / dropped yet, or maybe they haven't finished modelling it and it is due for release in a later PTR patch. Either way I wouldn't worry until it goes live.

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    Blue post is a huge waste of time, lots of justification no real explanation.

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    That is without a doubt the biggest pile of bullshit corporate doublespeak I've seen.
    Such a shame to watch a once great gaming company turn into a profit at any cost corporate whore.
    Give you 10 to 1 odds GC is gone within 2 months. Sub numbers are in, his "vision" failed, read between the lines. Serves him right for designing based on what his gin swilling raiding buddies had to say while on his boat.
    They're just in the process of making it as unbearable as possible for him so he leaves on his own to get out of paying his contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iorcedurmother View Post
    stop bitching,.wow players are the biggest bunch of whiners in the world. go do some hard modes if you want to be better geared than newer people. I duno about all you whiney brats, but I prefer to be able to get my alts ready for raiding fast.
    Cheers for calling them "Brats" probably the greatest burn you can say, because there's no legitimate comeback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tilgare View Post
    Lol, I hadn't noticed it wasn't disenchantable... That's a bummer, we were looking forward to farmable crystals. =(
    Looks like your power torrent is gonna have to wait.

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    What's the deal with a 1.6 Dagger? it's like too fast for MH and too slow for OH. wtf....

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    People are quite disgruntled over the fact that a few pieces of gear seem to be missing. But people also need to keep in mind that this stuff is still on the PTR. That is to say, nothing is final yet. Any issues or problems are more than likely going to be resolved before this goes live, including any pieces of gear missing.
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    Your mom is so fat shes the reason blizzard made a limit on mage food.
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    If words bother you that much perhaps you should try being amish so you can avoid them.

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    Ragnaros Model
    The problem is that you have no context or perspective on the model you've seen a static image of.

    * 1) Standing next to the full-sized, animated model will give you a very different perspective when you're looking up from his toenail
    * 2) Knowing that he will only come out of his lava pool to reveal his full figure in a Heroic-only phase of the fight will give you a bit more context

    He's not just going to be running around the moment every raid reaches him.
    Do them really believe that bullshit? No perspective can change the fact that he fell out of character with legs. They could have made a joke about the Old Gods bargain was giving him legs (OMG Little Mermaid), they could have created some lore stuff, showing that taking a form with legs would be part of a plan, or some side-effect of empowerment; but simply saying it's perspective? Come on... That backfire on them.
    P.S.: As stating that those legs always have been there, but a twirl from lava pools hid them. Oh, come on...
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    I do hope this really isnt all the loot, seems to be quite a lack of leather spell gear and most of it with spirit /crit only so hit/crit for moonies, lots of cloth i see, fingers crossed there is more to come I know it isn't final

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    Im kinda sad that the claws don't have a kittyman proc on em like the old zg ones. But since I retired my rogue at the end of BC and all my other toons can't use fist weapons I guess it doesnt matter lol.

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    Sony Online Entertainment did this with EQ before EQ fell from the #1 mmo to out of the top 10 in less than 12 months, it created the opening for wow

    they started butting heads with their "ignorant community", pissed some people off and the rest is history
    when you think you have the customer hooked well enough to tell them their opinion is wrong, you have lost sight of what made you/your company successful in the first place

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    should've asked when they gonna remodell the old races... orcs humans etc

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    No matter what teh perspective of Rag will be, WHY does he need FEET? T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondTear View Post
    Can we get a screen of Rag from the "proper" perspective, Bibi?
    I found a screenshot of what it might look like:

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    Waaaah Waaaaah waaaaah theres no pleasing this snot nosed 12 year old community

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    Jin'do's Verdict is absent from this list. Yay, a second Hunter/Druid two-hander!

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