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    Crazy idea about hit cap

    I was thinking about hit cap and use of flasks. So I had a idea but don't have courage to test this yet.

    Currently i'm with reforges and few enchants to reach this 17% hit, and using flask of draconic mind (300 intellect) when i'm raiding.
    So I could take off all reforge and enchants to spirit, and do it for haste, and use flask of spirit to reach hit cap when raiding.

    Someone already done this?
    Any idea if could be a gain of dps?

    Sorry for bad english =/
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    Doesn't 300 int make up for up to 6-900 of another stat or something?

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    yeah, int is a little more valueble then anything you can reforge out of and would result in a dps loss.

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    The 300 spirit flask on its own is a huge DPS loss from a 300 int flask, as for reforging haste -> Spirit I'm not sure, unless you get something more from spirit than just hit rating its not really worth it.

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    Intellect FAR outweighs all aother dps stats for all casters. Losing the 300 from the flask, which cannot be replaced by reforging, will cause a dps loss under any circumstances.

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    Yea, int FTW

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    Agree, you can't reforge for INT, which is obtainable only through flasks, so this isn't viable. Better to reforge crit/mastery to spirit/hit, and only reforge haste if you absolutely have to.

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    This is also the reason you don't gem for hit/spirit specifically either, as INT gems are almost always more powerful and appropriate.

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