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    [Anime] Series. (Read the description)

    Hey, i've just finished watched both Rosario + Vampire (both seasons) and Ikki Tousen. I simply loved them both.

    So now for my question:
    I was wondering, if anyone knew about a kinky, highschool supernatural anime series? (Don't get me wrong, im not a perv, i just love how hilarious stupid the scenes are, rofl)

    I can't imagine anything topping Ikki Tousen nor Rosario + Vampire.


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    Watched tons of anime myself (about 70-80 different ones), including those 2. Got a few that are a bit similar to Rosario + vampire (Ikki tousen wasn't really my type of anime). I'll just put them in a list so ya dont mix up the names:

    Omamori Himari
    To Love-Ru
    B Gata H Kei

    Been a while since I watched all of them exept the last one. But from what I remember they're pretty hilarious at times, and I liked several of them more than those ya said.
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    Can add Sora no Otoshimono to that list above.

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    Inukami! (not high school, but same gist)
    High School of the Dead
    Seitokai Yakuindomo (not supernatural but hilarious)
    Ga-Rei: Zero (Anime is a prequel to the Manga, I haven't watched it myself)
    Kaze no Stigma (The writer, Takahiro Yamato, died and the light novel is incomplete at 11 Chapters, so I need to watch this also ;_.

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    Surprised sy hasn't already shown up :P but a good place on mmo-champ to watch for anime's is usually in sy's anime thread


    Sy's done a good job setting out several great anime's giving short reviews in the genre's they deserve may want to check it out

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    Highschool Of the Dead.. Panties and boobies everywhere and lots of zombie killing fun!
    Heres the dubbed version:
    there is also the subbed on site too
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    Freezing!!! Best anime since a loooooong time, not high school persé but focussed around a skill and there is a uncensored release each week as well for perves ^^

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    Grils Bravo

    Isekai Sekishi no Monogatary though more actinoy at times and less blunt should do you nicely.

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