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    NFL Lockdown...

    NFL Owners are too greedy?
    NFL Players are too greedy?

    Thoughts / Concerns?

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    Everyone is greedy and this is posturing. Both sides have too much to lose with a lockout. There will be NFL this coming season.

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    The owners are greedy, they wont show the players all of there books, and there's probably a good reason.

    If the players saw the millions of dollars the owners spend on private jets/yachts,houses, vacation trips, random relatives that work at the stadium making gross salaries (100k+).

    Most NFL players are not superstars, and don't have millions of dollars. They are the foundation of the NFL and need compensated fairly. All of those players had to work for where they are now, and some of the owners just get the team handed down from their daddy. I wish my dad owned a NFL team for me to run later on.
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    Owners are greedy because they just want the money to make bigger stadiums to get more fans in to make more money. That's basically it.

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    They are both greedy, hands down. However, I do the feel the owners are more greedy if it came down to ranking it. The lock-out will not last though. Remember what happened last time? The union will decertify and bring the owners to court.

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    football over, watch hockey. don't care.

    and yeah, everyones being greedy. wanna see some of them do my job for a while, that'll humble 'em up.

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    The only reason I'd be upset if the NFL ceased to exist is if that meant the end of college football.

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    They are all greedy. It's always about money and it will always be about money.

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    1. Its a lockout not a lockdown.
    2. They are both greedy, but by not having the season they will lose billions. There will be a season.

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    Money is everything bros. There is no why there won't be a season in 2011.

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    What will you do if there is no NFL season in 2011

    The title says it all. What are your thoughts?

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    Everyone is greedy. All the players / managers play for the money.

    The only exception is women sports. German Women Soccer Team is about 10 times more successful than the men, but still gets 10 times less money.

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    I'd be happy.

    I'm honestly sick of hearing about all those sports.. Although with no season I'd probably hear even more about it due to all of those complaining that they can't sit down and watch people catch a ball and run with it for 4hrs.

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    Do less flashback changing back and forth from the baseball games until November. Then wish there was more baseball to watch with no football around.

    I like football. I LOVE baseball.

    Side note. WHy do people who obviously have no interest in sports keep feeling the necessity to come into the Sports section of the forums and leave comments? That's like me going into the rogue forums and complaining about how I hate rogues. Which is true, I hate rogues, but I don't go to the rogue forums to make such a statement.
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    As a life long nfl fan I will stop watching the nfl. I'm serious. Even when it comes back I will never watch it again. I can enjoy college football and not miss it. The scope of the greed and the disregard for the fans and the low level people who support the game is so blatantly over the top I simply will give it up and not care anymore.

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    I'd be happy as well.

    Major League sports are a waste of money. The US cancelled it's space program but all people care about is their sports. I know if there weren't any sports that money wouldn't go to the space program but still... It's ridiculous....

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    What's the NFL?

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    Mass suicides.

    Jk, we'll have to deal with it.

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    national football league.

    i know quite alot of my friends who would our right cry.
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