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    Holy, haste vs mastery at higher gear levels?


    Up til now I've been mostly stacking mastery and just gotten enough haste to get 12,5% raidbuffed. This made my heals very manaefficient. However, I barely run out of mana on any boss fights nowadays which makes me think I should probably reforge in to haste.

    So my question is, given you have unlimited mana, which stat is better haste or mastery?

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    Haste is going to give much more throughput on demand -- basically what you want.

    Mastery is good for some fights like Cho'gal burn phase, or Ascendant Council burn phase... But you'll end up getting more healing done through Echo of Light if you actually cast more heals. (Not a higher percentage of heals, just more healing done through it.)

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    I run a 10 man guild and I have hit 12.5% haste raid buffed a while back and still am stacking mastery. And I am absolutely loving it. I believe with my mastery, each spell heals for an additional 20% through EoL. Pretty insane if you think about it.

    I actually 2 heal most fights in raids now with a Holy Paladin. I think the only fight I haven't two healed yet is Chimaeron ( we have no DPS-ers that can tranq, hymn, etc) and Council (never tried, seems scary), and ofcourse Nef.

    I, however, have not tried stacking haste. and Honestly don't want to. I have a good connection with my holy paladin partner. I rely on him for the quick spot heals to tanks and I heal up the raid, mostly staying in Chakra: Serenity and going into Sanctuary if I need big aoe heals.

    The worst nightmare for me when healing any raid is OOM-ing. I believe I have become very efficient with my heals and thinking of stacking haste to burn my mana even faster scares me.

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    Haste doesn't burn your mana faster unless you play terribly.

    Short answer: Get both. This is a recurring thread.
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