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    [A][10m] 1/12HC <Nightshift - Wildhammer> Recruiting DPS!

    *Nightshift* is a later than usual casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alliance Wildhammer EU.
    We run three teams who raid on different days from 21:00-24:00 server time, and we are currently recruiting more people for Team Pheonix who are currently 1/12 HC.

    We require anyone interested in applying to be mature and 18+ with at least some experience in previous expansions with HC progression. We expect high attendance levels as we are trying to push progression content.

    We are ideally looking for:
    - A Shadow Priest, Hunter, Rogue and warrior.

    Note: That we will always consider applications from exceptional players, even if there's no obvious spots. So any other applications submitted will be looked upon and evaluated.

    If you are interested in applying or simply want to look around you can go to our website at:

    If you have any additional questions or anything you can also go to our website and PM any of the officers:

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Team Oblivion are also looking to recruit.

    Go to http://www.nightshiftguild.eu/recruitment to see more.

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