Primordium is looking for active, knowledgeable and skilled players to join our raiding team roster.

Primordium is a Horde guild on Kazzak-EU that transfered from Anachronos.
We used to be called Parental Control and were the top guild on Anachronos throughout Firelands, Dragon Soul and at the start of teir 14. Though Parental Control disbanded mid teir 14, the members left different ways.

Now, some of our core Raiders and Officers have come back to restart the guild. Our goal is to have a nice friendly enviroment with good raiders in it. We want to have raids on a good semi-hardcore level without aiming too hard for rankings, basically we want to have fun, but when it's raid time.. We raid.

We are now looking for more skilled players to join in on Heroic progression. People who are avalible on our times. We're looking for fun, friendly players who care more about having fun than the world ranking, saying that though, we are NOT looking for low skilled, non commited players with low heroic experience.

Currently we are in need of the following:

We are in need of a Main Tank for our core 10m team, preferably Monk or Paladin, (warrior would work aswell).

We are in need of one-two dps, preferably a Fury warrior, Rogue, WW monk or Death Knight - But all classes are considered.

We are not looking for any healers at this time.

Requirements needed:

*Knowledge of their character and specc
*Active in and outside raids
*A microphone and Mumble installed
*Have knowledge of the raid encounters we're up against
*Experience in previous raiding, pref Heroics aswell
*A nice, friendly attitude

What we can promise you is a group of fun, friendly people who know their classes well and are good inside a raid. A group where we encounter Heroic progression raiding on a enjoyable level. A bunch of crazy people on mumble!

Our raiding times are:
20:00-23:00 Realm time.

Contact us via in-game whisper, battletags are: