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    Quote Originally Posted by Documentor View Post

    *Ahem* I remember classic tanking. I remember it well. Only warriors allowed ofcourse!
    I never tanked in vanilla but tanked hardcore in bc. I remember top end dps needing moar threatz to keeping derpsing so i would use the x key to get moar rages for moar heroic strikez and it was gud.
    nothing but empty space here bro. move along now.

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    i remember leveling in Desolace. Yes i did that

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad1206 View Post
    i remember leveling in Desolace. Yes i did that
    Same. I HATED STV after doing it once on my Pally, so I leveled everwhere else. As Holy mind you. A little boring, but when I was asked to do dungeons randomly in the world or with the people on my friends list, I was always ready.

    I remember healing in BC using Hand of Light (similar to beacon since you put it on the tank but a different effect) and loving it.

    I remember when my friends list was filled with people that weren't my RL friends and I did things with them.

    I remember spending more money on my pet than on myself with food I had to buy for it. I only wanted bananas and whenever it died more than twice it was unhappy and I wanted to keep it. Arrows also killed my silver and tiny bit of gold, as well. Hunters have it too easy nowadays.

    This last one is from Wrath, but I remember and really miss pugging raids and ending up recognizing people you pugged with in the past ones. I don't know if it is my server but after the end of Wrath, my server's pugs went down in quality and quantity. Sure, you will always get those guys who leave after 1 or 2 attempts, but most of the time when the tanks and healers stay, getting another dps is a breeze...even at 3 am. Hopefully going to A 52 (on Altar of Storms now, which is barely alive at this point) will be a little better but we will see.

    Those 3 are the ones that really stick out for me. Leveling up my Paladin really has shown me the ins and outs of WoW and for that she will always be my main. I remember having a great time on her and that nostalgia keeps me coming back, especially when the game is getting a little stale (like when there is not content for nearly a year or when 4.2 was out and I wasn't able to pug Firelands for a little bit...ugh).
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    i remember when this didnt happen.

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    - Lady Katrana Prestor would glare at you.
    - PvP = Southshore vs Tarren Mill.
    - UBRS groups pooling gold to pay someone with the key who could unlock the door for them.
    - 15man Scholomance.
    - Super long/epic 5-man instances like Maraudon and BRD.
    - "OK guys, I'm at the instance, gonna go afk for 10-15 minutes while the rest of you get here."
    - Warlocks had to create Healthstones one at a time and open trade windows to give them out.
    - Farming the gold for an epic ground mount (what was it, something like 700g?) took a while.
    - Epic Alterac Valley games that lasted for days.
    - Knocking people off bridges with hard packed snowballs in AV.
    - People used the actual entrances to battlegrounds.
    - You could join a battleground and know everyone in it.
    - Watching Bolvar Fordragon pwn horde in Stormwind.
    - Watching Magni Bronzebeard pwn horde in Ironforge.
    - Laughing when the horde group had to head to Darnassus and settle with killing Staghelm.
    - People actually used Trade chat for....*gasp* trading.
    - Turning in copper bars for the AQ War Effort.
    - Getting rich from selling Righteous Orbs on the AH.
    - Soulstones gave you res sickness.
    - Dungeon groups weren't pussies and would repeatedly run back after boss wipes instead of instantly dropping group.
    - Helping priest friends farm the Eye of Shadow. For some reason, I had a LOT of priest friends in vanilla...I got dragged out there often.
    - Wiping horde raids on Doom Lord Kazzak.
    - Questing in Blade's Edge Mountains and Netherstorm.

    - Every class had an "expected" role outside of some exceptions (like being super geared in a really good guild). If you were a warrior, you had to tank. If your class had a healing spec, you were forced to heal. Can't say I miss that, seeing as how my main is a fury warrior. Asking to join a 5-man pug as a non-tank warrior in vanilla would generally get you laughed at.
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    I remember when all this will be again.
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    I remember first time wandering though the plaguelands (vanilla) and seeing naxxramas floating overhead, and gawking.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    I remember first time wandering though the plaguelands (vanilla) and seeing naxxramas floating overhead, and gawking.
    That too. Also being ganked by super-geared 40man raids as they were heading to Naxx. I didn't realize what was going on the first time it happened and was wondering what the fuck 40 super geared horde players were doing out in the middle of nowhere.

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    There is only one thing that can never be forgotten.

    Swirly Ball, he may be back.. but he was never the same as before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad1206 View Post
    i remember leveling in Desolace. Yes i did that
    So did I... and I loved it! I knew so little about Warcraft and MMOs back then I had no clue where else to go. XD
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    Mobs meaning something.. if you pulled more then 2 you where dead..
    You even needed help on some quests from other players..

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    .. Solo leveling from 55 to 60 with a ranged character was fastest if you exploited mob pathing in Dire Maul West by pulling mob packs to the stairs next to the first boss and jumping around the stairs, making them run back and forth all the time.

    .. Mobs in the same zone sometimes dropped librams that you could sell for many gold pieces. They were unique, so you had to run to the auction house after you found one or you couldn't have looted a second one.

    .. Sometimes people would kite Volchan from Burning Steppes to Goldshire and watch lowbies getting massacred. Same with Kazzak to Stormwind. Fun!

    .. You could level super easily if you solo farmed the slow slimes in maraudon. These days they give 10 exp and 3 copper when killed.

    .. Someone released a plague in Orgrimmar. A hunter or warlock pet got it from Hakkar and the pet was dismissed. When called again in Orgrimmar, the debuff would spread from player to player and cause heavy damage over time, killing lowbies in a few hits.
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    I remember enter Lordaeron Throne Room for the first time, one big oh wow

    I remember crossing the dark portal for the first time, and saw deamon siege on the other side, even bigger wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    I remember when a patch (during BC, I think) introduced a bug with how mobs interacted with uneven terrain, and until they fixed it a few weeks later, mobs would be falling through the ground all over Azeroth. I'd go out trying to level my skinning, and watch raptors bouncing along, with their heads barely above ground.
    It was 2.4 and it was a patch to change how all models interacted with uneven terrain to prevent wall-climbing, particularly out of Arathi Basin starting pens

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomad1206 View Post
    i remember leveling in Desolace. Yes i did that
    Oh, the pain. I leveled through there on my first toon. I remember thinking, "It certainly lives up to its name".

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    I remember the epic paladin quest for the hammer and the epic paladin quest for the mount

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    I remember charge in combat being required, and while fighting a monster, hamstringing them, jumping away and charging back in was a common occurrence because our rage generation was absolutely abysmal.

    I remember stealth-sprinting, as a rogue, into the alliance group during a TM->Southshore zerg and blasting off rammstein's lightning bolts + essence for eranikus for the AoE damage and hopeful confusion.

    I remember participating in that TM->Southshore zerg as a level 22 tauren warrior, being wholly ignored by most of everyone, and scoring killing blows on the big named alliance players, and the hilarity that ensued from my taunting that they got owned by a level 22.

    had to add, I also remember a certain human paladin named Clavius (I believe that was his name) that would take a screenshot of anyone he killed and post it on the realm forums, gloating about how he owned them. It was especially funny when he did it to an orc rogue named Kore.
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    I remember wall-climbing.
    I remember getting my first rare item and thinking it was an epic ( >.< )
    I remember first time entering karazhan and fighting Moroes and i had no clue what i was doing but we killed him ( I was OT :P )
    I remember those Ogri'la dailys where i actually wrote down patters of those colored beams on my phone.
    I remember getting my epic flying mount after farming in SMV for atleast a week.
    I remember when i vendored everything i looted/skinned since i didnt know there was AH.
    Cant remember more atm ^^


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    I remember spamming trade for 5man heroics for about an hour and actually CC'ing

    I remember when tanks had the defense stat heh

    good times, I remember my first raid was kara it felt so epic, the horses sounds at the beginning I had no idea what was going on and was button spamming like no tomm. lol

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    I remember Ghetto Hearthing.

    Everything else I can think of has been covered LOL.
    Love threads like this, it's fun to look back fondly sometimes.
    And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

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