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    I remember being so bad with gold during BC (issues with affording consumables for raid nights was a regular occurrence) that I never actually got my epic flyer until after Wrath came out and I hit 80. Was annoying, but never a big problem in BC. But man oh man, questing in Storm Peaks with a 60% flyer....

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    I remember aggressive (red) NPCs in the starting zones.
    I remember Hunter / Warlock pets running away with a hostile NPC due to a bug that existed for years.
    I remember whispering random warriors I found in /who asking them to tank a low level dungeon.
    I remember that a friend who was at my place started to drag all the useful abilities I never used out of the Spell Book onto the bars when I told him I had a hard time leveling.
    I remember having to alternate between Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale because I would run out of yellow/orange quests.
    I remember going to Goldshire often when I was low level just because there were people. A lot of people. Just being there, duelling, talking.
    I remember that there was a ship from Darkshore to Menethil Harbor, instead of from Teldrassil / Darnassus to Stormwind.
    I remember when Innervate had a 6 Minute cooldown.

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    I remember when in the game was in beta and on the finishing day they would spawn bosses in each major city and everyone was a noob running in at the boss getting wanked due to most people being level 20 at the time. derp

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    i remember when mounts couldnt go in water
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    Quote Originally Posted by strombae View Post
    i remember when mounts couldnt go in water
    Hey that wasn't so long ago!

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    Something I actually miss after playing an alt recently, actually being able to pull enough mobs in lower level zones to risk being killed.

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    I remember in BC, entire specs were unable to raid. Pre-3.0.2. retribution was pathetic (and pally seals only lasted 30 seconds, and there was one 3 types of Judgement)

    I remember the old quests for Shamans to get totems.

    I remember when warriors were 'Protection or GTFO'

    I remember when the gear you get when you make a character included a shirt.

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    I remember when it was possible to see tons of ally characters who weren't humans. Thanks, EMFH!
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    I remember when Gamon was one hit-able

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    I remember when you had to have a certain level with weapons in order to hit enemies your level! Soooo annoying!

    I also remember trying to get into dungeons without LFG and was sometimes annoying to group up at certain times of the day...
    I cried alone every single night. It felt like every day that passed here stole another piece of my real life away. After i cried, I’d go and fight as hard as I could. My only thought was winning, moving forward, and getting stronger. — Asuna Yuuki

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    I remember the old shaman quest that got me my first epic, same as the paladins in Scholomance. (skyfury helm i miss you </3)
    I remember same server battlegrounds and the cries of [insert guild is killing pvp with epics]
    I remember getting my amani war bear after our guilds first successful timed run.

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    I remember ganking people on their way to Scholomance and Stratholme
    I remember having actual rivals on Alliance side that I'd go out of my way for to kill
    I remember going MC for the first time with my guild and running in to several Alliance guilds to have a pvp party while the raid leaders kept yelling to just enter MC
    I remember BC coming out and together with guildies roaming Deadwing Pass ganking players
    I remember being quite early picking up both Warglaives and the e-peen feeling of fake afk posing in Orgrimmar

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    Do you remember when we used to dance, and incidents arose from circumstance? One thing led to another we were young and we would scream together songs unsung.

    I remember... It was the heat of the moment, telling me what my heart meant. Heat of the moment showed in your eyes.

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    I remember.... The TriPAD

    I remember raids being so hard that only best guilds were able to do them and that distinguish them from everyone else on the server.
    I remember getting my 1g on my first ever toon and being happy because I had gold just to find out that i need over 850g to get a mount on my lock. That took me months to farm.
    I remember leveling from 1-10 so fast that I thought the games was easy to level in, 10-60 was a bitch.
    I remember old Naxx and how much fun it was.
    I remember servers being so crappy that people bitched and cried to blizzard for new parts.

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    Ah remembah.. well, ah remembah, don't worry worry, how could I ever forget, It's no stranger to you and me a doo doo dah doo dwah dwah...

    Yeah, having a lot less to do, because guild only raided Molten Core and I got bored of that fast. And dungeons were such a major pain to get too. You could raid them though - raiding Uldaman and Stratholme was fun/a clusterfuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kisu- View Post
    I remember when you had to put at least mild effort into making any gold, and how worrisome it was to have mount funds.
    I think almost everybody asked for a loan for their first mount back in Vanilla. xD

    Quote Originally Posted by gypsybob View Post
    I remember in BC, entire specs were unable to raid. Pre-3.0.2. retribution was pathetic (and pally seals only lasted 30 seconds, and there was one 3 types of Judgement)

    I remember the old quests for Shamans to get totems.

    I remember when warriors were 'Protection or GTFO'

    I remember when the gear you get when you make a character included a shirt.
    You must have been doing it wrong...all specs were raiding, even if it was just for utility. Shadow Priests and Ele Shams jump to mind as well.

    I also remember trying to solo Princess in Elwynn Forest back in the day and getting killed a million times. Granted I was a noob at the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aceroner View Post
    I remember spamming trade for 5man heroics for about an hour and actually CC'ing

    I remember when tanks had the defense stat heh

    good times, I remember my first raid was kara it felt so epic, the horses sounds at the beginning I had no idea what was going on and was button spamming like no tomm. lol
    Kara was my first proper raid and when raidleader told me to hug the horse I did /hug and just kept doing my own thing...I managed to get away with it by pretending I was joking. :P
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    I remember when the World of Warcraft beta ended and Blizzard summoned huge mobs at certain locations all over Azeroth to entertain us.

    This one time, in Kalimdor, I got stomped into the ground at the crossroads by a Felguard bigger than a fel reaver.

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    I remember when Sentry totem would stop your character moving, and even falling. This was used as a Ghetto Elevator. Handy for AB when a team of shamans could lower them selves to the goldmine from above! Also handy from jumping from winter spring cliffs with out dying.

    I remember when my shaman got to level 20 and I had use of ghost wolf. It had a cast time but it was AWESOME being able to move at a faster speed while leveling.
    I remember getting to level 40 grinding my arse off and getting my 1st mount. Took a few days of grinding in SM to get it.

    I remember seeing the 1st epic in game that dropped for me. Kang the decapitator.
    I remember hating sunken temple, as a tauren it was horrible to see anything.

    I remember when the zepplin used to dissapear and people fell to the water. Using water walking on others only to see them crater on the water due to the buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bommer View Post
    I remember when the only the Horde had Shaman, and only the Alliance had Paladins.
    good times..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsybob View Post

    I remember the old quests for Shamans to get totems.
    My first ever toon was a shaman, and i remember those quests. Took a lifetime of running to get the water one. I think thats one of the worst things they ever did with the game, remove class quests. Really wish i had got to experience all the class quests

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