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    Most of my "I remember" times are from an older MMO altogether.


    -I remember getting completely and absolutely lost in the whole BRD / BRS area, and thinking it was the coolest environment ever in an MMO. (and it's still probably the best 5 man portion in the game)

    -I remember going on a flight path run at around.. level 10 or so? Trying to cover as much of the continent as we could. Fun.

    -I remember trying to 3-man most of the dungeons, with a pally tank who went ret because he "didn't like using shields"
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    Theive's tools on my rogue.
    Totem quests as a shaman.
    My pally mount (ugh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    -I remember a time when guilds were 40-man and you had more friends that could fit in your friends list.

    -I remember a time when guilds were about friendship as well as about loot.

    -I remember Southshore-Tarren Mill epic world PvP.

    -I remember epic 40 man Molten Core raids.

    -I remember epic 40 man raid Wold PvP at the Blackrock Mountain.

    -I remember Ivus the Forest Lord.

    -I remember how happy I was when I got my Blackhand's Breadth trinket after completing that epic quest line.

    -I remember a time when Arcanite Reaper mattered.

    -I remember a time when I had full Dungeon 1 set on my warrior. I fondly remember tanking ZG at level 60 with him.

    -I remember a time when PvP was so well balanced that a Rank 10 player in the Blue PvP set could kill a player in Tier 2 Raid Set if he played well.

    -I remember "The Star, the Hand and the Heart" quest.

    -I remember farming mats at Felwood and Un Goro Crater.

    -I remember the server crashing from the Gates of An Qiraz event.

    -I remember a time when Shamans were widely respected and feared, and a time when Loladins were widely despised and balanced.

    -I remember running all the way from Ironforge to Menethil Harbour at level 17 to get to Teldrassil (human toon) and vice versa to get to Ironforge (NE toon).

    -I remember epic world PvP in STV.


    This is yours truly in Rank 10 gear forming Rhok'Delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers in 2006.

    Continued from above:

    -I remember delivering the book "THE GREATEST RACE OF HUNTERS" to Eldre Thalas library to get the Royal Seal of Eldre Thalas.

    -I remember delivering the book "GARONA A STUDY ON STEALTH AND TREACHERY"

    -I remember getting "THE MAELSTROM'S WRATH" from FATHIR THE SIGHTLESS.

    -I remember taming ARASH-ETHIS.

    -I remember solo taming Son of Hakkar in ZG after going through a whole adventure.
    Your screenshot reminds me of one omission:

    That's back when hunters had to have quivers (or ammo pouches for guns) and purchase/craft arrows/bullets. Later on in classic they added an npc to trade thorium bullets for arrows.

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    I remember grinding "Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?"

    ...on a Priest.

    I remember discovering how it was possible to get the Tabard of the Explorer and the title before level 10. (Hint: Painfully).

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    Auberdine still existed

    * wipes a tear

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    I remember BGS level brackets being 10-10, 20-29, 30-39...etc.
    I remember LFG didn't exist, and dungeons actually involved communication, skill and time.
    I remember having a mount was rare.
    I remember when not every single person had a character at the max level.
    I remember questing actually involving difficult groups and elites.
    I remember awesome class quests.
    I remember sprint, vanish and evasion had a 5 min cooldown and vanish reqiured poweder.
    I remember getting pwned by level 19 and 29 twinks in BGs.
    I remember WSG didn't have a timer and one side would camp the GY for hours.
    I remember guildies were actually friends and talked to each other.
    I remember killing capital city leaders were actually really hard to kill.
    I remember poison brewing and poisin skill.
    I remember my pets running away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Auberdine still existed

    * wipes a tear
    This. I still walk through Darkshore (Yes, walk/run on my own two feet) over the old paths. Lots of memories there. Tamed my first pet too.

    I remember when Darkshore had Rabid Bear that gave you rabies. I don't know if I miss it.

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    I remember no one having epic ground mount because it was too expensive
    I remember two-three guilds on my server actually clearing MC because they had all the good players
    I remember people in Tier gear stomping BGs.
    I remember shamans duel-wielding, and the 1 shotting the ensued.
    I remember doing quests for each of my demon pets.
    I remember having to go to Uldaman to train my enchanting
    I remember AVs that last three days, where bosses were summoned several times and people would sleep to return to the same match.
    I remember having to go to a BG entrance to actually queue for it.
    I remember dungeons taking 1-2 hours to complete, and spending weeks doing UBRS/Scholo/Strath praying for my blue set pieces to drop.
    I remember the three sunder rule.
    I remember hillsbrad foothills, the true home of PvP.
    I remember 30 second fears, and 60 second sheeps. I remember a lack of DRs and locks never stopping the fear, or rogues never stopping the stuns.
    I remember rock paper scissors and mushrooms.
    I remember MOAR DOTS.
    I remember the world of roguecraft.
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    As I'm currently doing the awesome epic Warlock Green Fire quest while it's hard, I remember in 2005 doing the awesome epic Warlock Dreadsteed quest when it was hard.

    Love feeling like I've earned something
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    I remember when me and my irl best friend (introduced me to wow) were starting to get up there in lvls (or so we thought i was lvl 33 and he was 40) and we found the original mount guy and looked up the price, and realized we could NEVER afford a mount. I had 1g and 31 S to my name and he had 4g.
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    I remember when...

    - There was one Barrens, and within that Barrens, there was one flightpath, at Crossroads. Ratchet and Camp Taurajo (oh yeah, it was a quest hub at one time, not a smoldering ruin) didn't even have a FP back then.
    - Southshore/TM world pvp, where it was the digital equivalent of trench warfare...well, without trenches. My rl friends and I (all warriors) would break the line with cordinated intimidating shouts (when it had no limit on targets affected) just to watch 30+ alliance all running like chickens without heads.
    - Class-specific quests for weapons: Whirlwind weapons, Benediction, Rhok'delar, the original Quel'serrar (well it was for warrior and paladin; my vanilla warrior still has an unfired ancient blade in his inventory but can no longer do the quest ) Paladins had their hammer quest at level 20 (later BE paladins would get a polearm)
    - Other class specific quests, many to unlock spells/abilities...totem quests, anyone? I ended up doing all those 3 different times...yes, I question my sanity at that time. Druid aquatic form quest. Warrior beserker stance quest (which was fun as hell). The triage quest for master first aid. Cooking had a similar quest...had to farm giant eggs then pick up a bunch of vendor mats (Alterac Swiss, for one). Fishing for different fish all around the world.
    - "raiding" Strat, scholo, and Blackrock Spire with 10-15 folks
    - Mauradon being added in an early patch...and getting lost in there for what felt like hours
    - Legitimately getting lost in BRD...but enjoying the hell out of it. 3 warriors with a shaman healer (me)...good times thanks to ye ol' Windfury Totem. Yep, the one that gave bonus attack procs much like the shaman weapon imbue still does.
    - Wiping ungodly amounts of times on the temple event in Zul'farrak, back when aoe damage was nearly nonexistant
    - Farming heavy/thick leather in Badlands off black whelplings for 3-4 days, hours on end, just to sell it to have money to buy my first mount. During this time, I looted 4 or 5 of these "dark whelping" pets that no one had a clue about. There was no Wowhead back then, and I don't even remember it being on Thottbot. Gave 2 away to friends, kept one, then sold the last one for all of 5g...noobs gonna noob.
    - being ridiculed by my friends, both of whom were paladins at the time, while I farmed for my mount since they had theirs handed to them upon hitting 40.
    - Getting stomped by elite mobs out in the world that you just so happened to wander into. Sons of Arugal, random named drakes out in the world, Scarlet guys in Plaguelands
    - Farming Whipper Root Tubers in Felwood because they were basically healing pots, but on a different cooldown from actual healing pots
    - Sharpening stones, weight stones, and mana/wizard oils
    - Being able to stack 50 bazillion different elixir and flask buffs, along with all the class specific buffs and whatnot. Throw the world buffs from killing Ony and/or Nef on top of those.
    - Having a non-race specific mount was almost unheard of (aka an orc on a kodo or raptor), outside of the AV mounts or rank 10 mounts. In fact I think that was all of the mounts in the game at one time
    - BG "twinks"; I never bothered with level 19 at all, preferring 39 (as a warrior) and 49 (warrior and shaman). I always made it a point to stop leveling at those levels (no xp from BGs back then) and have some fun bashing heads in.
    - Taking the flight path from Auberdine to Theramore, enjoying the scenery the first time, but later on I went afk as I started the flight, took a shower, got a drink, came back and was just flying into the marsh. Oh, and Theramore wasn't a crater.
    - Dalaran was a giant pinkish purple bubble in Hillsbrad...oh, and it was a ruin. Just like it was last we saw it in WC3.
    - Shaman-specific: The totem quests (because mentioning them once wasn't enough), 5 minute imbue durations, enhance used 2h and didn't dual wield at all, separate poison and disease cleansing totems, sentry totem, earth shock being the interrupt because there was no wind shear, frost shock hitting like a truck, only having lightning shield which would fall off after 3 hits, the aforementioned windfury totem and how amazing it was for a melee heavy group, bloodlust not existing in wow
    - Paladin-specific: Seals lasting 30 seconds, Blessings 5 minutes, no group wide blessing effect, needing reagents for group blessings, DI, seal of crusader being best dps seal due to it being bugged and only providing attack speed increase without damage decrease, seal of command, having to grind mobs in plaguelands to level since undead mobs died twice as fast to a paladin compared to non-undead
    - Warrior-specific: 2 min battle shout duration, no cd but had rage cost, charge not working in combat, stance specific abilities like whirlwind, beserker rage, taunt, weapon specific talents (and personally being an early adopter/proponent of sword spec vs. axe before all the crazy GM/HWL videos ever appeared)
    - Having an arcanite reaper made even though IBS was available from AV at the time...because it's the friggin arcanite reaper.
    - Drooling over how amazing the artwork for BWL gear was at the time...and despite it's age, it has aged very well for the most part.

    ...ok, I will stop here before I make a small novel out of this post.

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    I remember when entering instances removed weapon poisons.

    So glad they got rid of that along with all the other annoyances of vanilla.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsybob View Post
    I remember the old quests for Shamans to get totems.
    Oh ye gods, the Horde water totem quest. *fetalposition* No... more... running...
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    I remember when: i shat my was orrible :P

    On topic

    I remember when: Alterac Valley took days, and it was friken sweet.
    I remember when: i was a newb and getting killed by respawns when questing(back in late vanilla)
    I remember when: i got killed by a big ass stone sphinx in Silithus (part of the Ahn'Qiraj opening event i think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miralynn View Post
    Oh ye gods, the Horde water totem quest. *fetalposition* No... more... running...
    It's OK, the good developers took the evil away. *pat*

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    I remember having to level up weapon skills. I started with Wand... and then tried for hand to hand... never finished that off. Those were good times. ^_^

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    [QUOTE=razski;20914100]I remember when the night in WoW was dark.

    good one :thumbup:

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    Some old school shit:

    Enchanting trainer were INSIDE uldaman. You needed a group too reach him..

    If you disconnected you couldnt login again for 5 minutes due to "character already exists"

    You had to acutally be at the battlegrounds PHYSICAL location to queue up for it. For instace AB - you had to be in arathi highlands. WSG - ashenwale. etc.

    Every time shamans respecced (even if you only wanted to respecc one talent) you wiped your weapon skill with 2hander and had to spend 3-6hours to re-grind it.

    Getting flasks created needed you to run scholomance

    Duskwood was pure hell to quest in - Either Mor'Ladim hit one shotted you, or the big big abomination. 2 huges elites in one low level quest area..

    Recklessness/shieldwall/retiliation SHARED a 1h CD if i remember correctly.

    Fire-mages lost 1v1 duel against warlocks felhunter alone.

    BGs didnt exsist, so ganking areas were BRM mountain and sorrowhills.

    Hearthstone had 1Hour CD.

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    I remember when Undead's racial was OP. Almost every Horde Rogue changed class that season. After that nerf (I guess weeks after class change was allowed, so everyone got screwed), every horde player is waiting for it to be revamped and EMFH to be nerfed as well
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