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    Activity-based holidays- new products or old ones dressed up ?

    Hello fellow mmochampion readers

    Im in the last year of University in which im studying Hospitality and Tourism Managment and they gave me an assigment with topic the title of the thread you are reading right now... After long search in both internet,books and journals i can't find what i "want" to write in my assigment

    So i though i should ask you people what do you believe on that topic because you are the possible future customers.
    All i need from you is to answer in this tread with a question formula im going to present you but please be serious as much as possible ...

    So i need you to give me info on the following

    Your Age : ( only if you want to )

    Your Country :

    What are you doing for a living :

    How do you consider your payment ? (Very good,good,low,very low)

    Family Status (married,single,kids) : ( only if you want to )

    Finnaly answer this 2 last questions : What Activity -based holidays for you means ? Do you believe that activity holidays is a new product or an old "dressed up" one ?

    Please spare some of your time and will be for good

    Thanks !!!
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    I guess an answer

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    So, what I get out of it is this. An activity-based holiday seems like the 4th of July to me, or Thanksgiving, Christmas, or some other major transportation holiday that is typically associated with recreation. Odds are, you will either visit someone for Christmas or Thanksgiving, or they will visit you. The 4th of July because, if anyone lives in a warmer climate will tell you, you just don't stay indoors that night. Many people travel to be with the loved ones that fought for the freedoms that we have and this is the best and most sincere way to celebrate what they did.

    The second question I feel is a bit vague. I would say that I think that the products of those holidays are revisions, where people are close-minded by nature and aren't willing to try something new, we get stuck with a routine of doing the same thing every year and buying the same things because it has become "tradition" when in reality is is just a habit.

    The other way that I took that is this, I feel like products themselves (whether it's a holiday or not) are always a revision of what worked in the past. Blizzard proves that with their games. They stick to what they believe is working great such as the skill tree system from Diablo 2. They just tweak it slowly until it becomes something that the player thinks is new.

    The same thing can be said about Final Fantasy VII, everyone wants a remake with updated graphics, but nobody thinks about what that would trigger. Most people don't realize that when you change the little things over and over, you don't end up with the same result. We always hope that it would be the same, but it never really is.

    So my take, I would say something new. By something new, I mean, no intentional copying ideas, no borrowing themes. I think that's why the best games are the ones that started something completely different. Think along the lines of Diablo. It created a new sub-genre where many others have tried, but ultimately failed.

    That's my take anyway.

    -Side Note-
    Rest in Peace Blizzard North, creators of the greatest franchise ever made.


    I think after reading it again I understand what you are saying for your last question. I think holiday-based activities are revisions. They are same product every year, we always watch fireworks on the 4th of July, we always open gifts on Christmas, always have turkey on Thanksgiving. Sure, we may do little things that we feel are different from others, like BBQing for Memorial Day, but once you get to the camp ground, you'll find a hundred more families doing the same thing.

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    thanks for you answer siyat !

    anyone else who wants to help ? :P

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    To me it would be a holiday that is more than just an observance (a famous observed holiday for example is Martin Luther King Day). These kinds of holidays are usually the kind where you celebrate by handing out gifts, having large feasts, doing stuff together with the family, and so on.

    I wouldn't consider most of these new at all. Maybe they're getting more "commercialized", but I don't consider them new at all.

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