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    My wife always turns it under and i have to turn it back.
    ಠ_ರೃ Curses!

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    oh man...when i 1st saw this thread i thought it was gonna be about which way to wipe

    yea people here can be that sick....

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    I have no I'll pick a random one.

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    I dont put mine on its roller since Im too lazy to unfasten the damn bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corgrash View Post
    I dont put mine on its roller since Im too lazy to unfasten the damn bar.

    ^ This
    Ours sits on the shelves in front of the toilet and a second behind it...
    Just pick it up and unroll it...

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    Can pull the paper out if it's snugg up against the wall!

    A better poll would be do you reach under, or around to wipe?

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    Def over. Under makes it harder to get the toilet paper off the roll. There's a person I work with who always switches it to under and I switch it back when I go to the bathroom. I don't know who it is and I doubt they know who I am, but its a silent battle that I will eventually win.

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    Always over. Normally the TP roll holder is so...close to the wall that making it go under makes you have to scratch at the wall to grab the TP. Or you have to keep rolling the roll, searching for where the last TP square got stuck to the roll.
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    Under your desk
    Top has won!

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    Phew. Thought this was about wiping! Top!

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    So.. Over, makes the whole process easier..

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