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    Death Knight Solo Yogg-Saron, Patch 4.1 Updated TBC Maps, MMO Report, Daily Blink

    Death Knight Solo Yogg-Saron Kill
    The solo kill of Yogg-Saron got quite a lot of attention on forums last week and "some people" eventually convinced me that it was a shame to not front page it, I agree! Mionelol managed to solo the last boss of Ulduar with a Death Knight and will probably make you cry if you're one of those people who wiped on the encounter in a weird achievement-run PUG.

    The kill is definitely impressive, congratulations! The video can also be found on WarcraftMovies if Youtube hates your country.

    Patch 4.1 Updated TBC Maps
    Patch 4.1 will add the last wave of missing dungeon maps to the game by updating all the TBC content! Most TBC 5-man dungeons and raid instances got a shiny new world map.

    The latest PTR build also included the maps of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub and the updated map for Baradin Hold with a brand new wing/boss! Keep in mind that the next arena season is scheduled for Patch 4.2, you won't see that part of Baradin Hold before a few months.

    Baradin Hold (Updated)



    Auchenai Crypts #1

    Auchenai Crypts #2

    Coilfang Reservoir

    CoT Hillsbrad

    CoT Mount Hyjal

    CoT Black Morass

    Gruul's Lair

    Hellfire Ramparts

    Magister's Terrace #1

    Magister's Terrace #2

    Magtheridon's Lair

    Mana Tombs

    Sethekk Halls #1

    Sethekk Halls #2

    Shadow Labyrinth

    Sunwell Plateau

    Tempest Keep

    The Arcatraz #1

    The Arcatraz #2

    The Arcatraz #3

    Blood Furnace

    The Botanica

    The Mechanar #1

    The Mechanar #2

    Shattered Halls

    The Slave Pens

    The Steamvault #1

    The Steamvault #2

    The Underbog

    The MMO Report
    Hey, looks like it's monday and time for the MMO Report!

    The Daily Blink - But Really, I’m Number One

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    Wow, I didnt know my class was THAT overpowered <.<
    Awsome video...!

    EDIT: Just watched video again... Its truelly amazing have to try that myself now lol
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    Haha, pretty funny mage poster especially since i play as one.

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    Daily Blink - So true :P

    To the DK, Gratz!

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    "This video contains content from INgrooves. It is not available in your country."

    What I wanted to say is, that it is not Youtube that doesn't "like my country". It's the content mafia.
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    You can also find the video on

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    <3 Daily Blink

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    Scarab Lord Rhaeval's Avatar
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    Finally TBC instance maps.

    DK's...... I dunno what to say. They solo the game it seems

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    daily blink made me smile so hard

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    As someone who has a DK tank this makes me concerned that Blizzard will do another round of nerfs to DKs.

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    More DK nerfs :P

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    Brilliant, Daily Blink. Just brilliant

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    What's the mod that puts the big bright bulls-eye over runes that refresh?

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    Lol @ The Daily Blink. I'm starting to really love that comic!!

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    Hahahaha, I love that DK! KUDOS!

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    Nah guys, DKs totally aren't OP.

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    dks wont just get nerfed they will get ghostcrawlerd

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    Where's the Kara maps?

    am disappoint.

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    Death vs Death

    Nice DK video

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    It's about time you posted the Yogg kill in the front page

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