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    Shadow PVP

    Ok guys I am with a problem. I don't know why but I am sucking at pvp at the moment, so I am looking for some guides and etc, but I am having a problem finding videos of duels. I am doing fine in arenas but at duels (1vs1) I am really doing something wrong so do you guys know any video that covers this?

    And for you guys what are the best Shadow Priest pvp'ers? I know Swifty for warriors, the Reckful dude for rogues but I've never heard about a Shadow Legend you know what I mean?

    Thank you and sorry for my poor English ^^

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    Using Mind Control to let dot ticks is a crucial part of spriest pvp. That's probably the best advice I can give you.
    There's not really any good spriests that makes pvp videos though.

    Edit: when I said PvP in regards to Mind Control I was talking about duels
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    Duels usually take place outside SW or ORG where there is little to no LoS, something that's needed as a shadow priest.

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    I think Talbadar is considered to be one of the better Spriests... he's the guy that got 3k rating with Reckful this season.

    Check out the Arena Junkies forum if you need some help with PvP:

    For 1v1, Talbadar used to have some great guides over at wowriot... unfortunately, they're outdated

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    Guys thank you for your help but I can't find nothing in arena junkies and it's not a LOS problem because I am also loosing versus rogues. They nuke me so hard I can't do nothing.

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    Although its outdated, you might want to check out the 1v1 guide... it might be able to help you and the tips might still be somewhat useful:

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    check out they have some guides on their for free, however it does require a paid subscription for most things, really helpful though

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    Hey bro, not many SPs out ther ewith vids but check for "Ropedrink"vids

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    what class are u having trouble with : ).

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    well i am no pro but i can probably give u some advices vs a few classes.

    frost mage vs shadowpriest!!
    dont buff he will just spell steal.
    never bubble unless its to stop a frost bolt get a /cancel aura macro for bubble and dispersion.
    save dispersion and ur trinket 4 deep freeze.
    rotate cc on the frost mage.
    it also helps to make sure u have shadowcrawl bound it breaks your shadowfiend out of rooting effects.

    shadowpriest vs rogue i can beat any rogue but an undead rogue cause that just totally fair ikr.
    trinket kidney not sap and then fear. The rogue will probably trinket the fear so just try to get dp and shadow word pain up.
    after he trinkets just use horrors for breathing room.
    never dispersion unless u have dots on the rogue.
    dont fear into cloak of skillz u will get immune immune.
    watch out for evasion it can mess up ur horrors.
    a good rogue is really hard to beat.

    shadowpriest vs dk
    get the glyph of scourge imprisonment makes shackle almost instant.
    try to start the duel far from the dk alot of people dont know that if u silence a dk he cant death grip,ams,interupt.etc
    his pets annoying so just try to do enough dmg at the start to make him sacrifice it he will summon a new one he but dr will
    reset on it.
    just use ur cds to keep distant i use horrors to get vt and shackle up.
    the dk can break ur fear but if ur fast enough u can silence him and mind control.
    he cant interupt when silenced.
    u can fade to get out of chain of ice or w/e his slowing effect is dispel his dots cleanse is expensive.

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    ret pally vs spriest
    trinket the stun hammer.
    with enough gear u can just sit threw repentance.
    dispersion the next stun.
    dont stand in melee and only use mind flay when fear is up so he has no up time.
    if he does catch u without cds u can mind control him and get breathing room.
    u have to juke rebuke to just cast flash get it rebuked mind control.
    use shadowfiend to he does a retarded amount of dps.
    get the gylph of mass dispel if u can near instant cast.
    u can mc the pally during sacred shield and if mc him fast enough when he summons his pet it wont attack u.
    he has to hit something for his pet to attack.
    dispel his wings dispel freedom for snit and giglz.
    use inner will when kiting.
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