We're a lively bunch of people from all walks of life, from all over Europe (and a few from further afield). Ranging from more mature teenagers to a kicking Arcane Grandma, our aim is to enjoy WoW.

We do this through genuinely liking the people that we chat, raid and group with (or try to kill on 'fight nights').

After celebrating our 5th anniversary in the summer with in game activites and a 'RL' meet up which was epic (and covered on wow insider), we've dived into Catacylsm and are currently maxing our guild rep on a daily basis with people online from early morning through to early morning! We still like to keep an eye on the past and frequently delve back into BC and Wrath content for fun, progress and achievements.

If you're looking for a welcoming guild, where you can come and go, have a chat, a laugh and help when needed, and maybe become part of a strong raiding team, then AOoW might be for you. We have over 400 characters in the guild and on an average night, have around 30 people on line - so there's always conversation - and help - to be had if you want it.

Ask around Arathor about us, speak to guildies or have a look at what we get up to on the armoury. I'm amused to say that I can't actually link our website here until I'm trusted, so google us to have a look at what we're about (I will endeavour to update this when I can)!

We're looking for the right people - not just the best raiders or achievers.

Thanks for reading this and give me a shout in game if you have any questions.