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    Switching. If I only use shields on one target I will stay with IF for the spellpower, If I have to move around a lot or shield more people I switch to IW.

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    I have it talented also. Love the speed buff for zomg_fire_move!
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    Inner fire while 10 man attonement whoring melee/tank.

    Inner will 25man raid bitch.

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    I use Inner Fire on every fight except Artremedes. For that ~1 week period where bubble spam was viable, I used Inner Will. But before that, and after that I have used Inner Fire and have never ran in to mana problems. In fact, on most fights, I still have quite a bit of mana left so I start carelessly shielding everyone near the end until the fight is over.

    It's perfectly fine to stay in either, or to stance dance between the two. A nice speed boost never hurt anyone. More spell power is also nice. I wouldn't rely on someone telling you what to do. I'd play around a little and find what works for you.

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